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Aspire V5-571P cracked touchscreen

The touchscreen is cracked. It looks like it's just the glass cover (which I think is called a resistive touch panel). Is it possible to just remove that and then it basically be a non touch screen laptop?


Also, in case both are broken, is it possible to install a non touchscreen panel instead? The touchscreen replacement part is $350... the laptop probably isn't worth that much. So I'd prefer to replace it with the $70 nontouch screen.


The parts in question (for the sake of anyone with similar issues):


Non touchscreen replacement



Touchscreen replacement



And a guide for anyone considering this



Any help is greatly aprreciated. Thanks!




FAQ & Answers

  • SharanjiSharanji Posts: 4,020ACE Pathfinder




    You may live chat with an Acer technician at :http://acer.custhelp.com/app/chat/pre_chat_launch

    They wil help you with the correct part number and repair options.

  • SpudsterSpudster Posts: 47Member

    Been looking for a non-touch replacment all day!


    thaks alot for this post, You have saved me since I was going to begin to give up. $300 is to dear for my likings so guess I go with non-touch

  • DebDansDebDans Posts: 6Member



    You can search on ebay for a new screen Maybe even Amazon. They or many times cheaper I did a search on Ebay under screens and one for your model is $50-100. And You Tube how to replace. That is how I learned to put a screen in my moms Dell. Here is link if it comes through. Make sure seller has lots of good feedback and you will be OK. One I used was 10,000+ and sold screens only


  • SpudsterSpudster Posts: 47Member



    Manage to purchase one with 100% postive feedback and fast shippin  since there in my country. 



  • SpudsterSpudster Posts: 47Member
    Didn't work!

    Never has thid much problems ever A sumple screen crack turns into a huge issue.

    Only ootion is a new computer I guess ;. (
  • Wally69Wally69 Posts: 16Member

    This tale just gets sillier & sillier. 


     After receiving word that Acer were going to repair my touch screen free of charge they sent me a Consignment Label and Courier Manifest. The Courier was to pick it up on Wednesday the 7th of november. 

    Today, Monday the 11th november, and still no sign of the Courier I rang Acer and surprise, surprise, they now claim they have no idea of what I'm talking about.  Why am I not surprised at the lengths this company will go to in dishonesty to avoid carrying out their duty in regards to their own warranty and protection plans.


    The whole rotten business and all their offered paperwork is on the way to the department of Fair Trading to bolster their case.




  • mistaflimistafli Posts: 3Member

    Unfortunately I've cracked the touchscreen on my ACER 571p-6642. I would like to switch to a non touchscreen, as the new touch screen replacement is too expensive, and I'm worried that I will crack it again.


    My questions is:


    Will my ACER 571p-6642 accept a non touch screen? I understand, that I would have to buy a new LCD screen + a cover, but I'm not sure if it will be compatible with my laptop.


    All help is greatly appreciated.



  • mistaflimistafli Posts: 3Member



    Were you able to replace your touch screen for a non touch screen? If, yes, what parts did you had to purchase? I have an Acer V5 571p-6642, which is originally a touch screen version. Will it accept the non touch screen?


    Thanks for your help!

  • Wally69Wally69 Posts: 16Member



    In answer to your question I'm reasonably sure a non touch can replace a touch screen, I have read that this can be done.

    My own case has progressed, I'm now at the stage where Acer have agreed to replace my touch screen and honour their warranty.


    Best of luck with your quest to replace your screen.






  • mistaflimistafli Posts: 3Member

    Hi Geoff


    I've contacted Acer US via online chat, and they said that the cracked screen can not be replaced under warranty. It will cost appr. $250 + tax + one way shipping. How were you able to get it repaired by Acer for free? I would really apprecite some help, as I would like to resolve this cracked screen issue asap. Also, where did you read, that the touch screen can be replaced for a non touch. As per ACER they don't have any experience with that & they don't suggest it either.


    Thanks in advance for your help!



  • jlaurensonjlaurenson Posts: 1Member

    Anyone get an answer to this?  Can one replace a touchscreen with a nontouchscreen?  How about vice versa?

  • Wally69Wally69 Posts: 16Member

    In regard to the cracked screen In my V5 751-PG.


    I'm happy to report that Acer did do the right thing and honoured their warranty.

    My laptop came back with a new touch screen and it looks and works just like a new one.


    If Acer were within their rights to refuse my warranty why would they repair it with no charge.

    The answer is, that the ONLY WAY they can refuse is to prove that you were the cause of the breakage.

     If your computer or anything breaks down and the warranty covers your item, whatever it is, you have three


    1 You have it repaired 

    2 You have it replaced

    3 You have the right to demand your money back


    Most companies will not admit to any of the above, but the dept of Fair Trading  will certainly tell them different.

    As will any any advocate that deals in these type of disputes.

    My advice to anyone trying to get a fair go in these situations, Don't give up OR give in,, stand up for your rights.





  • BaishfaceBaishface Posts: 2Member
    I tried to look back at the start of your posts but why were you needing your screen replaced? Was it cracked?
    I have had my laptop for 2 months, 2 days ago I was simply trying to adjust the angle of my screen and in doing so my screen cracked. Now my brand new computer is completely ruined. I've read multiple consumer reviews/complaints about this issue happening quite frequently and yet Acer will not replace it under warranty. Curious if you have any tips on what to do next. I refuse to accept their only offer to me of paying $250 plus tax and shipping to mail it in for repair.
  • BaishfaceBaishface Posts: 2Member
    I just saw your above message, I did live chat with a customer service rep and then his supervisor who was absolutely unable to offer an option other than paying $250. Can you share some contact info with me please or what to do next? Thanks!
  • Wally69Wally69 Posts: 16Member

    Hi Baishface,


    Your question of how did I get my screen replaced is I never ever admitted fault because there was no fault on my part.

    Now whether my circumstances had anything to do with it I don't know.  My Acer never leaves it's position on a small rolling adjustable table I use because I have Mobility problems and that table is either in front of me while I'm sitting in my armchair or over me while I'm in my bed.


    After reporting to Acer of my cracked screen and then mailing it in we argued over replacing my screen under warranty which they had refused to do.  I also refused to come to their party and pay the $220 they wanted.  I was told  replacement was only done on a Major components of their products.

    Well what do you call the screen on a TOUCH SCREEN Laptop, an accessory?



    Another few weeks and they rang me to say that Acer would not or had not replied to them.  They then sent me the details of another department that could and would take it further for me.

    One afternoon as I was writing out the history of my claim for the new dept,  I received a phone call from Acer.  I was told that they had decided to replace my screen free of any charges.


    Four weeks later I'm still waiting for my Laptop to be returned.  I rang them to find out what was going on, and the answer I got was "We are unable to locate a 15.6 screen, as soon as we get it you should have it approx 3 days after that

    as we need to install and then do tests".  Two hours later I rang them back with a location in Queensland where they gauranteed overnight delivery.  Four days later I had my Acer back.




    In short I suppose the harrassment did it's job as well as them realising how determined I was to have them do what they are supposed to do. 

    All of these things combined have probably led to me getting my screen replaced

    Then again it could have just been luck, who knows ?



    Whatever you try I wish you good luck in your endeavours to have your screen replaced.

    I suppose it all boils down to what you think it''s worth hanging out with no laptop for the sake of $220 or $ 

  • Becca40Becca40 Posts: 1Member

    Did you ever get your replacement touchscreen issue resolved.  I to have a Aspire V5 571P and need a touchscreen glass replacement as I dropped my laptop this evening.. bahaha.. What steps did you take to get a replacement? I have tried ebay.. no luck.. spoke to a techy guy on Acer Chat and he referred me to several links.. I have sent emails to people at those links and was told they do not carry this touchscreen glass for this laptop.. that I would need to get it directly from ACER.  Any information is greatly appreciate.  Becca.

  • Wally69Wally69 Posts: 16Member

    Hi Becca,


    If you dropped your laptop and broke the screen there is only one way you can go, ring Acer on the support phone number.

    It is 1300 365-100

    They will arrange for you to mail it in for the repair, but it will cost you approximately $220


    If you have access to another computer they could send what you need as an attachment.This is the paper work you will need to have your unit picked up by their courier.  After the repairs it will be sent back to you in the same way.


    What I have decided to do if ever mine goes again will be to just have a normal screen added.  The new you beaut touch screen does nothing for me.




  • Wally69Wally69 Posts: 16Member


    I forgot to tell you if you intend in having someone else do this and your looking for a screen I found a place in Qld that has O/night delivery, depending on where you are of course.

    I found them by just Googling ''15.6 inch Laptop replacement touch screen''


    They had screens in all sizes, you could give that a try.



  • bmwiechbmwiech Posts: 1Member



    I've made it Smiley Happy I have changed Acer V5-571p in V5-571G. But I've changed all parts of LCD screen: front cover, back cover, LCD with hinges.
    One important thing is that, the LCD is different from other V5 models because it's LED, it's slim and display screen cable have only 30 pins (it's eDP screen type). Most of offered LCD Screens have 40 pins.
    Total cost of new parts was 95$.



  • Wally69Wally69 Posts: 16Member



    I'm glad you got it sorted, even though Acer didn't honour their warranty.

    $95 is a lot better than the $250 they wanted.




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