Acer Aspire 5742 motherboard replacement

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I have a acer 5742 notebook with MBR4L02001 PEW71 U01 motherboard, and as it shows, not working anymore (i think the nVidia GPU is dead); is it possible to replace this motherboard with an MBR4L02001 PEW71 L01?


  • n2gc
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    From what I can tell and it was just a very basic look, one goes into a Gateway,

    the other into an Acer. Now there may be an issue with the hard drive recognizing

    a different motherboard, but if doing a fresh install of OS, all one would have to

    do is go into BIOS and set it to run on IDE, then load the OS, get everything updated,

    then modify registry files for AHCI, install, shut down. start up, and change the setting

    in BIOS back to AHCI, and IF everything went should run.



    Acer now owns Gateway, so it shouldn't that big a deal as long as all ports, MB screw

    holes, etc match to the casing of the lappy I believe it takes Intel's I5. I have one

    and updated the I5-460M to a I5-560M and it was reconized right off. I also updated

    the HD to an aftermarket WD Black, and had to go through the IDE thing until I had

    everything updated, the did the changeover in registry to AHCI, restarted after changing

    BIOS back. Once it booted, W7 loaded the AHCI drivers and all was good to go.

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