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Acer Aspire R7 Randomly Shuts Itself Off - A Power Shortage Issue?

Hello R7 Community,


About a month and a half ago in mid-August, I became the proud owner of my very first R7. And it was great! I used it for everything: schoolwork, Internet browsing, et cetera. (I do want to note that I am, in fact, one of those users with WiFi connectivity problems. I don’t want this thread to become a WiFi thread – if there are any questions or comments, please see http://community.acer.com/t5/Notebooks-Netbooks/Poor-Wifi-on-new-Aspire-R7/td-p/94855.) However, a few weeks later (this is around late August), my R7 started shutting off by itself. No warning, no hibernation, just off...completely. Processor, hard drive, display...everything. I thought maybe it was a fault of mine (accidently tapping the power button, for instance), so I didn’t look too closely into the issue.


But then a few days later I noticed a trend – my R7 would shut off immediately when I moved it. It was the strangest thing. I close the screen and move it to show someone else a document – it turns off. I pick the laptop straight up and barely tilt it in any direction – it turns off. It even got to the point that I could tilt the screen to utilize the Ezel hinge capabilities, and it would turn off. In short, it basically doesn’t like vibration or movement of any kind. (But let’s be clear: I’m making very natural, everyday use movements; in other words, no vigorous shaking or throwing.)


So, in complying with BestBuy’s 15-day return/exchange policy, I brought my R7 back and exchanged it in hopes that it was a 1-computer defect. (Also, I should probably mention that I reside in the US, so I am using an R7-571-6858 or R7-571G, I believe – please correct me if I’m wrong.) And for about the first 7-days it seemed as if it was indeed a 1-computer defect. But then my second R7 began to malfunction in the same fashion – this time, though, it was about a week sooner than my first. And it seemed to do it in a much more random fashion. Sometimes now it even shuts off when I’m not touching or moving it. Is it a sensitivity issue that I can adjust in BIOS, or a simple setting in Control Panel?


Either way, I’ve done some research, and from what I found, the web really doesn’t contain much information about any laptop shutting off directly due to vibration or movement of the device, which is my primary reason for creating this post. Why is there no information on this topic? Am I the only one with these problems? Though information was limited on the issue, the best site I found was this: https://forums.digitalpoint.com/threads/why-does-my-laptop-keep-turning-off.1291789/.


Here are the some of the suggested causes of the shutting off problem (the suggestions that I believe are actually the problem are in bold text):


1) The computer is overheating, mainly due to dust build-up. –This cannot be the case, as the laptop is literally brand new. Also, after using the temperature-monitoring program SpeedFan, I determined that my R7 is operating at a safe range of 30-45°C, or 86-113°F (which seems hot but from my understanding is a perfectly normal temperature).


2) The fans are malfunctioning. –This is similar to the first issue, as it would directly cause the computer to overheat. Though I dismissed the issue in (1) due to the results of SpeedFan, I am not content with these numbers alone – the reason being that it hardly ever seems like the fans run, and when they do, I can barely feel any air coming from the vents. I don’t believe the fans to be a root cause, maybe just a side issue.


3) The computer has a virus. –This is perhaps slightly more plausible, though if any viruses were to have infected my computer, it would have needed to happen in the first 7 days directly before it started shutting off. Also, why would a virus turn off my computer only when it senses vibration?


4) The computer hard drive needs to be formatted. – I don’t know much about formatting, but one user in this particular post said this is not causing the shutting off problem.


5) The motherboard is malfunctioning. –This is what I believe to be the root issue, though it really could be anything at this point. To quote the link, “The problem is in the motherboard. The power section has become faulty and very soon the BIOS will be going wrong, and then the display chips, like I had.”


And from my own observations:


6) The battery is malfunctioning. – This is what I believe to be the secondary issue to the motherboard problem(s), as the R7 tends to shut off more when it is on battery than when it is plugged in. When the laptop is plugged in, I notice that the battery indicator in the lower right-hand side of the screen (in the taskbar) sometimes changes after about 30-60 minutes. When it does change, it mainly shows an empty battery with a red “X” through it, saying “No battery is detected”. Other rare times it shows an empty battery and says something like “plugged in but not charging”.




Today, I spoke with a very nice man at BestBuy’s Geek Squad, who is almost certain that it is a power shortage issue (similar if not the same issue as the motherboard malfunctioning in potential problem #5). He thinks that it could be caused by a kink in the wiring through the Ezel hinge, or maybe the ground wire does not have a great connection in the main body of the unit, or some other wire issue. He suggested exchanging the laptop one last time, a third time, and then if the problem happens again, he stated that Geek Squad will examine the issue deeper on my particular unit. BestBuy and GeekSquad also suggested that, if the problem persists in the third R7, to exchange it for a different Acer computer or even another brand.


Nevertheless, I, with my curious mind, wanted to know: is it just me? Am I doing something wrong? I decided to call Acer as a courtesy to inform them of the issue, and I will be speaking with a “level 2” representative tomorrow and will hopefully find time to post my findings shortly thereafter.


In conclusion, I certainly have nowhere near the knowledge of a computer engineer or technician, but I do know a thing or two about computers. Even so, I am completely stumped as to the cause of the issue. Like I said, the computer shuts off at such random times (much more than what I mentioned), that every time I think I’ve found a pattern of the shut-down “schedule”, something changes.




  • logonaniketlogonaniket Posts: 4Member



    I purchased Aspire R7 two weeks back and starting to have this problem.

    Even I didn't find the solution of this anywhere... Finally joined Acer community for this and found this blog post.


    Fro my observation and analysis this only happens because syste fails to detect the battery saying "No Battery Detected"

    This usually happens when you tilt your screen via Ezel irrespective of the fact that you are booting or you are in windows.

    PC runs fine on AC supply though.


    I still dunno the solution but I think I have identified the problem. The problem lies in battery not being detected. It can be motherboard or ezel or battery issue.


    If you have resolved this problem please throw light on it.

  • KruBruderKruBruder Posts: 1Member

    I have the same problem. Happened since day one. It's fine as long as I keep it plugged in. Otherwise, it shuts off if I pick it up by the left front corner or close the top. I'm delaying taking it in to Best Buy as this was a replacement for the last laptop that was junked out by them and I don't want to be without a computer for another month while they send it in, place it on a shelf and let me call eventually and tell me that it can't be fixed and pick get a new one that I need to spend forever installing my software. And yes, I have the WiFi problem too. 

  • XaviJXaviJ Posts: 1Member

    I have exactly the same problem. First it started by just picking the laptop up and I notice the problem happens in the left side. If i pick it up with both hands but leave more weight on the left side it just turns off. In very rare ocassion it turns off byt itself and I mean if it is just sitting on my desk, for no reason it turns off. It is like the battery also has a problem. It's too bad since I love my laptop but this is a big let down form me. I don't think there is anything I can do to have it fix. I had my laptop for 10 months now. Even if ACER gives me a new one I will keep having the same issue, or not? you guys let me know. Peace out...

  • logonaniketlogonaniket Posts: 4Member

    Iam going to Acer Service Centre today. Lets see what they say

  • NdfongNdfong Posts: 3Member
    Yeahh I have the same prob here, it just happened in these few days! Was fine the month before. What makes it even worse is that the battery doesn't get charged and even with the adapter in, it still turns off. What can I do now?
  • jdrz1995jdrz1995 Posts: 1Member

    What did they say ..beacause i got the same problem and it would be a big help .


  • Leak34Leak34 Posts: 2Member

    It´s because when you move the screen or lift the computer a finger easily glide over the power button.


    Try setting the power button event action to "Do nothing" for a week and see if that solves it.

  • CorrosiveCorrosive Posts: 5Member

    Dang... this seems like a pretty rough problem. What config are you guys running? The american "best buy" vesrion aka i5 no dedicated video card? 

  • Annoyed1Annoyed1 Posts: 1Member

    THank you to Jarbob for starting this thread. Ever since I bought this computer I've had two problems. 


    1) Wifi connectivity sucks with some routers


    2) The computer shuts off randomly when moved, even slightly.


    For this thread I'll focus on the second issue. Every time I pick up my computer it turns off, every time I move it slightly or pick it up with one hand it turns off, sometimes it turns off when I just rotate the screen, and sometimes it turns off when I put an object down on the surface next to the touch pad on either side. I've noticed that when I plug the charger in, the issue is mostly mitigated - however not every time. Sometimes, the battery symbol shows that no battery is connected - this problem only occurs when the charger is plugged in.


    Reading through this thread, I beleive that the connection between the battery and the computer is the reason for the random shut-offs. I've tried contacting Acer but they had no answer for me. Has anyone else gotten through? For me this problem is such a hinderence I can no longer work on important matters....I am very dissapointed in Acer for not putting any information out when it looks like this is a device-wide issue. Help?

  • RobertazzolinoRobertazzolino Posts: 2Member
    I have had my r7 for several months. I am no computer person by any means. I have had this problem consistently since I purchased this computer. Over a month ago I changed the power buttons settings as leak34 suggested. The result is I am writing on this forum that from my iPhone because my r7 just shut off destroying the homework assignment I was working on. I never had this problem while plugged in. Some times I don't even move and it goes away. If I plug it in to the wall and then unplug it the problem goes away for a random period of time before returning. If anyone figures anything out like: how to fix it, get a refund, change settings to make it work better pleas come post your findings because this sucks
  • RobertazzolinoRobertazzolino Posts: 2Member
    I apologize for not adding this earlier but I have a US acer bought from best buy
  • mazenmazen Posts: 57Member

    if you can return/replace it with a snid 330xxxxx that will be great. If not u return it if u still have time (same as i did) and wait for Haswell version(4th generation intell cpu).

    i returned mine after 5 days cause i wanted the latest cpu not the one before.

    Good luck.

  • JarbobJarbob Posts: 2Member

    Thank you all for your posts! I’m happy that I’m not personally during something stupid to affect the R7 shutdown issue, but at the same time I was also hoping that I was – this means this is not an isolated issue of a few units.


    As promised, I spoke with Acer’s Customer Support and BestBuy. If you didn’t read my previous post, I was transferred to a Level 2 representative after describing the issue to a Level 1 representative. The Level 2 rep said that it sounds like a hardware issue, which Acer covers under warranty. She suggested sending the R7 to Acer’s repair center in Texas, USA. I believe she said that Acer would cover all expenses, including shipping, but I’m not entirely sure. I was going to ask for clarification, but she told me that once Acer receives the unit, it will take about 7-10 business days before it arrives back at my doorstep, so I opted to not to send it in for repairs. My reasoning is that I DON’T doubt that Acer could fix the problem, but I am a student and I simply cannot go even a day without my computer. So, even though I can’t send in my unit, would anyone else be interested? From my understanding it is completely free for hardware issues (software is another story – you’ll have to talk to them because I don’t know the details), but it would probably set you out about two weeks without a laptop.


    Later that day, I exchanged my 2nd R7 for a 3rd. I went to a different BestBuy in town, hoping that a different location would have had a different batch delivery of R7’s – more specifically, R7’s without the shutdown problem. The Geek Squad representative said that BestBuy always orders their electronics in bulk, but only when their supply is low. This makes sense, though it doesn’t help us to know if Acer has recognized and fixed the problem already. Either way, I explained the shutdown to the rep, and he was completely shocked, as were the reps at the other BestBuy location. Both locations said that they have had very few people come in with a shutdown issue on any computer, and NEVER on an R7.  So, I considered some possibilities: I live in a city with a little over 1 million people. Even though the R7 is new, there must be at least another person of the million that owns an R7. Why has BestBuy NEVER heard of this issue before me? Do other users not notice, or do they simply not care? And why haven’t any of the reviewers mentioned it? I’ve seen several reviews with the R7 on battery power (when it shuts down most often), and I hate to make this assumption…but are the reviewers hiding something from us consumers (considering also that I have yet to find any reviewer mention the Wi-Fi issue as well)?




    So, not exactly the “happy” solution I was hoping for. I can safely say that my 3rd R7 is still running strong, though I’ve only had it for 4 days, so anything can still happen. Even so, here are some different things that I have done to my computer since I’ve purchased it – in other words, here are POSSIBLE solutions, but NOT DEFINITE. They are organized by the computer I utilized them on:


    2nd R7


    Event Viewer: I read about this neat application built into every computer called Event Viewer. It basically logs any critical event, error, or warning since the computer was built. The reason I know this is true is because some of the logs date back to April 10th of this year, which is, I believe, a month before the R7 was released (at least in the US – please correct me if I’m wrong). Though this is the only computer that I’ve ever tried the Event Viewer on, I still have a hunch that having errors BEFORE the computer is released is a very, very bad sign. But enough about the program – let’s talk about what I’ve found (by the way, if you are unfamiliar with this program, there are directions at the end of this post about navigating to it).


    1) Event 36888, Schannel: A fatal alert was generated and sent to the remote endpoint. This may result in termination of the connection. The TLS protocol defined fatal error code is 51. The Windows SChannel error state is 900 (hardware or software – I’m not sure which).

         - Anyone know what this means? There have been 81 of these errors in the past 2 days.


    2) Event 1000, Application Error: Faulting application name: EzelAgent.exe, version: 1.1.1013.0 (software).

         - I don’t quite understand why this program is “glitching” out – it enables your screen to self-correct its orientation in “Display” mode and to switch to Portrait mode as well. I really had no use for it personally, so I uninstalled it. The computer DID stop turning off when I moved the screen into its various positions, but it DID NOT stop turning off when I moved the unit itself. Coincidence…probably, but if you’re open to trying different methods to stop the random shutdown, I’d give this one a shot. And, if it doesn’t help or you want the auto-rotate functionality back, you can always reinstall it again from Acer’s website: http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers . It is filed under the “Application” tab and is called Application (Sensor).


    3) Event 41, Kernal-Power: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly (hardware or software – I’m not sure which).

         - ‘Nuff said in the description.


    And there’s several others – this is just a glimpse of the errors that occurred most often (except for #3 – it only happened twice as far as I’m aware).


    3rd R7


    Windows Update (software): On my 2nd R7, I noticed that the shutdown issue did not occur until Windows performed its round of updates. Coincidence…maybe (like EzelAgent), but I’m more convinced that Windows Update had some sort of relationship with the problem. I tried uninstalling all the updates (I think there were around 60 of them), but was unsuccessful with one. Again, the 2nd R7 DID stop turning off when I moved the screen into its various positions, but it DID NOT stop turning off when I moved the unit itself. Now, for my 3rd, I disabled the automatic update feature, and did not install ANY sort of windows update, and my computer has been fine.


    McAfee Antivirus (software): When I ran Event Viewer on my 2nd R7, I noticed that McAfee was included in the “mix” of errors. I don’t remember what it said, and I can’t find that error again on my current (3rd) R7, so I really can’t talk much about it. However, I had one more remaining license of Norton AntiVirus Online that I wasn’t using, so I uninstalled McAfee and installed Norton on my 3rd R7, and my computer has been fine.    

         - Also to note, upon performing a full system scan, Norton Power Eraser removed “cpuz136_x64.sys” because it said it was “bad”. I haven’t done any research on whether it is “good” or “bad”, but my computer didn’t blow up when I removed it, so I guess it’s not vital. Anyone else have “cpuz136_x64.sys” installed on their R7?


    Battery Discharge (hardware): As you probably know, the rechargeable batteries inside most, if not all, electronics these days are called lithium-ion. Eventually, lithium-ion batteries lose their charge. There are several “caretaking” instructions that I’ve read online to slow this process down – one of which is to completely drain the battery to 0% and then to recharge it to 100% before use. I don’t know how accurate this method is, or if I am performing it correctly (it might be 10% or 20% - either way, fairly low). Despite the fact that my 3rd R7 is brand new and can’t possibly have lost a significant charge yet, I decided to perform this method, and my computer has been fine.

         - Also to note, the computer won’t run itself down all the way to 0% battery (probably a safety feature), so I adjusted the power options in the advanced settings to run down to 2%, and then set the computer to sleep afterwards, which leaves it at a very low-power operating level, which I’m hoping took the battery to 0%. Afterwards, I held in the power button for 30-40 seconds just to make sure any remaining power was discharged.


    Possible Solutions I Haven’t Tried:


    eFramework & ePower (software): Like I’ve said, my new (3rd) R7 hasn’t randomly shut itself off yet, so I have no need to try this possible solution. If you’re interested, details can be found here (keep in mind this is not specifically for an R7 laptop): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEXkEmSn92k





    So, if you’re adventurous, try some of these options. At this point, these “solutions” definitely haven’t hurt me, but whether or not they’ve helped or not is another question. Ultimately, the shutdown issue boils down to two categories: hardware and software. It could be just hardware, just software, or both. It could be 1 hardware problem, or it could be 50 hardware problems, and the same is true of software. It could be anything at this point. From my understanding, the Acer repair center in Texas covers all hardware expenses, but not software, even if the troublesome software was preinstalled by the factory (I’d call to double check, though – please correct me if I’m wrong).



    *Accessing Event Viewer:


    1) Go to the Start screen (tap the Windows icon button on your keyboard) and type “Event Viewer”. This should bring up a search window from the right side of the screen.


    2) In the upper-right corner, you’ll see “Apps”, “Settings”, and “Files”. Click “Settings” and then click “View event logs”.


    3) Once the window opens, look for “Summary of Administrative Events” near the center – clicking “Critical”, “Error”, or “Warning” will bring up logs sorted by Source.


    4) Click a Source, and you’ll be happily greeted with all the errors and problems that your computer has ever had. Enjoy!




  • Cody545Cody545 Posts: 1Member

    Thanks for the great thread. I have the same problem. Your post, Jarbob, has answered a few questions, but unfortunately doesn't guarentee a fix, even if I send my computer to Acer. I might give it a try here after midterms next week when I can use an old laptop again...


    Quick question: What is Best Buy's return policy? I mean, I know the obvious 15 day policy, but my R7 is nearing the 45 day mark. The power problem started roughly 10 days ago and it's sensitivity to movement is increasing. Can I still exchange it for a new R7, despite it being over a month from original purchase? Thanks.

  • Ripley1414Ripley1414 Posts: 1Member

    Same problem here.  At first I attributed it to the fact that this is my first WIndows 8 style computer, and really did not know about the functioning and options of shutdown, if much different from Windows 7.  Then, last night, in all the quite I heard a "poof" when it did it's un-provoked shutdown, and I was very alarmed.  Love the computer, but now realize all these shutdowns are not because I have it programmed to do it somehow.  From day 2 or 3 I had this machine "blinking off" while simple moving the computer, or tweaking the corner of the machine, moving the screen, or last night-doing nothing at all on my bed.  I am past the 15 day mark because I sat with it for a few days before I even turned it on, while waiting for my daughters YOGA to come in, and have GEEK Squad optimize both machines at the same time.  All the while not realizing I had a lemon.  After talking to GEEK Squad today, I feel positive on them helping me a few days past the dealine, and trying a new R7.  I love the screen.  I will be more aware on the new one, if having similiar problems and adjust a new decision at that time.  


    I will follow up!!

  • logonaniketlogonaniket Posts: 4Member

    So I got my problem solved from Acer service centre. It was a very minor issue according to them.

    The Issue?

    The connection with the Ezel/Screen is just over the power circuit of the motherboard. Due to bumps or sometimes by itself the laptop starts shutting down as moving the ezel causes a problem in power circuitry. Service centre guys just opened the laptop, sorted things properly and put a casing at the juntion. All ok now! Hopefully Smiley Happy

  • stic_sgstic_sg Posts: 9Member

    Hi R7 community,


    My R7-571 also switches off at random times. I wonder whether it is due to static electricity. This problem is not acceptable. I like the R7 very much and was thinking of buy  the R7-572 but now that I know there are other R7s out there having the same problem, I most certainly dont want to buy another dud.


    Acer, please fix this problem.  I called the Singapore Acer service centre and this chap on the line suggested that it could be a virus and that I reformat the harddisk. 



  • stic_sgstic_sg Posts: 9Member

    Hi logonaket,just saw your message after posting mine. So, did Acer solve the problem?

  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,341ACE Pathfinder

    Using the event viewer can really help but can also be very long. When I have a problem like that I usually backup the viewer logs then clear all. Next I try to induce the fault. Note the time it happens. Then I reboot the computer and extract all of the logs to a thumb drive.


    Then review the log for what was happening when the fault occurs. I usually look at SYSTEM first. Fast to a human, the computer still can usually record the event befor halting. 


    Just one more tool in the box.

  • logonaniketlogonaniket Posts: 4Member

    Yes. My problem is solved and laptop is working all fine.

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