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Iconia W500 Device Control for Windows 8.1

I upgrade my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 but auto rotate screen is not working because the device control for Windows 8.1 is not available for download. I try to install device control for Windows 7 but the application is not opening, I try also to run device control in compatibily option but is not working. Can you please help me?


  • fourier134949fourier134949 Posts: 1Member

    I have the same problem. Device Control crashes at startup and I had to install bluetooth driver in compatibilitty mode. At the moment the rotation screen function is unusable, we need support!

  • mrbrimimrbrimi Posts: 6Member

    Add me to this, upgraded today to Win 8.1 Device Control crashes & doesn't auto rotate.


    Any one with a solution?


  • JeyoJeyo Posts: 1Member

    My W700 had same problem.

    I just deleted the "Intel Sensor Solution" device and driver, then auto-roatate work again after scan the devices.

    maybe you can try to delete the devices and drivers under the sensors

  • t_ahmadt_ahmad Posts: 7Member

    Jeyo wrote:

    My W700 had same problem.

    I just deleted the "Intel Sensor Solution" device and driver, then auto-roatate work again after scan the devices.

    maybe you can try to delete the devices and drivers under the sensors

    how can you delete this? i´ve got a w510 with the same issues. maybe it also works for me


    thanx for your help

  • mrbrimimrbrimi Posts: 6Member

    Solution - works so far.


    Removed the current software: G Sensor Bosch, Auyto Screen Rotation Blocker, Device Control 1.01.3002. Did a restart after each.


    Went into Device Manager - Display Adapter - Roll Back Driver. This rolled back the driver to 9/27/12 version Restart


    Installed software:  G Sensor Bosch, Auyto Screen Rotation Blocker, Device Control 1.01.3002 (in that order, restart after each)


    RESULT: I now have auto-rotate working, Device Control is working.


    Good luck.

  • mrbrimimrbrimi Posts: 6Member

    Spoke too soon!


    Windows Update kicks in and downloads and installs the "new improved" driver and the problem returns.


    So new attempt;


    1) Go to Windows Update - Change settings - Never check for updates


    2) Remove the current software: G Sensor Bosch, Auto Screen Rotation Blocker, Device Control 1.01.3002. Did a restart after each.


    3) Go to Device Manager - Display Adapter - Roll Back Driver. This rolled back the driver to 9/27/12 version Restart


    4) Install software:  G Sensor Bosch, Auto Screen Rotation Blocker, Device Control 1.01.3002 (in that order, restart after each)


    5) Back to Windows Update - Check for updates - HIDE the AMD update - Reset Windows Update settings


    RESULT: I now have auto-rotate working, Device Control is working.

  • t_ahmadt_ahmad Posts: 7Member

    ----solution for me for my W510----


    i dont know what happened but i will tell you what i did last:


    i have the european version of Windows 8.1 N(without Media Feature Pack)


    1. reinstalled microsoft silverlight.
    2. search for update ---> silverlight update available!---> installed!
    3. reboot
    4. installed "Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 8.1" from here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40744
    5. reboot
    6. search again for updates---> new updates available ---> installed
    7. reboot!

    now camera, autorotation, and all apps work for me. i think there is a cross connection between the media features and camera....


    best regards


  • miturrinmiturrin Posts: 1Member

    I am having the same problem. I upgrade from 7 to 8 and everything was ok, so the problem is whit 8.1….

  • tnn120tnn120 Posts: 2Member

    Followed instructions to a tee...several times...screen will still not rotate automatically...any other suggestions/ideas?  Any help will be much appreciated.

  • dssdssdssdss Posts: 1Member

    follow the steps as listed above.


    any error messages you receive regarding Device Control, find the executable right click it, set compatiblity mode for all users  to Windows 7 and run as administrator.


    Repeat the steps if you get any more error messages after the reboot.

    I cant remember file names but i think I had to do this to 3 or 4 executables before everything started working.

  • tnn120tnn120 Posts: 2Member

    Thanks...still not working though.

  • juancarlosjuancarlos Posts: 1Member

    Same thing here, please need help

  • adernaaderna Posts: 3Member

    Same problem here


    Since W8 sas updated to 8.1 auto rotation, bluetooth and device control are not working om my W500. I've beem trying all the solution mentioned here and everywhere throughout the net, but no go at all.


    Shame on me that I upgraded to 8,1 when w8 was working amazingly. Shame on Acer who's not supporting its products or at least who didn't warned its users that W8.1 for W500 devices was not going to be supported by Acer.


    I'm a marketing guy and Acer's pityful attitude with the support of its products it's an utterly shame!! 

    Worse shame is the lack of officiol replies from Acer product/matketing/support staff, coward attitude at its best!!!

    They must quit thinking that dropping the support of slightly older products will encourage its customers/endusers to buy the most recent devices from Acer. It just reveals a no-care approach to customers satisfaction and support.

    Disappointed users will never buy new products from the same disappointing brands, they'll learn the lesson amd move to the many brands which keep a constant medium-term support.

    I'm so ***** of wasting so much time for such a silly problem just because of a shameful attitude of Acer!!!!

    I'll wait for Acer to release at soon as possible a fix for these stupid problems, if I'll be waiting in vain I'll certainly move to other brands and I suggest all W500x users to do the same, to strongly complain against Acer and if Acer won't replymand support I suggest users to move to more reliable manufacturers (which tablet market is plenty of)

    Any comment and solutions from users or from Acer will be highly appreciated. Thank you

  • tsimiketsimike Posts: 4Member

    I've tried almost everything (newest 13.9 Catalyst Mobility, AMD driver provided by Acer for W500/Win 8 Upgrade), but for me, only the "old" AMD driver - provided for Windows 7 - worked so far. I didn't uninstall the sensor driver, nor the device control, or the rotation blocker program, only the AMD driver. Now it seems everything is working fine. Also, I didn't have to use compatibility mode for the drivers/programs to install correctly. Maybe I'll try the "Win8 Upgrade" driver, and if I run in trouble again, I just roll back to the working one.

  • adernaaderna Posts: 3Member

    Hi Tsimike


    Yeah I tried quite everything and for such a long time that I don't even remember now if I tried with the AMD's for Win7. I'll give a try, but I'm quite disappointed and unconfident. So if I won't make it I'll manage to downgrade back to Win8.


    I'll keep you posted if your solution will work




    Ps. during my endless try to make rotation and bluetooth working I occasionally had bluetooth working (for almost 10 minutes, then dead) and rotation working for one rotation move (I mean up rotated to left, once, then dead). Acer where are you??

  • adernaaderna Posts: 3Member

    WOOOAH .. thank you so much tsimike.. .. well wait.. it doesn't work 100% but.. let me mention what I did step by step:


    I installed the AMD win7 drivers provided by Acer: here's the funny part: first 10 minutes: AMD catalyst software crashes, rotation doesn't work, but bluetooth can be activated and the BT icon is in the tray, device control works!!

    Since I could not connect any BT device I rebooted, AMD doesn't crash but doesn't work either, rotation doesn't work, BT doesn't work, device control doesn't work.

    Now I booted and rebooted the h**l hundred times, found that device control works if set as "run as administrator" .. AMD crashes, BT cannot be activated from control center but can be activated from device manager of Windows .. keyboard is being detected but misbehave (its onboard pointer stick slides downward)

    I had the BT drivers qualcomm atheros installed, which you can download from Lenovo. So I re-installed the original drivers provided by Acer. BT is working quite fine, device control works fine, AMD crashes all the time, rotation no way .. 

    so this is a huge step ahead, and that's what I've to thank you so much for, tsimike.

    For rotation I made a workaround by installing iRotate and by coding 4 executables through AutoIt for rotating the screen toward the 4 directions, anything else it's just a minor issue so I can deal with it


    hope all this can help, beside the very useful hint provided by tsimike


    Acer, thank you so much for your unvaluable support!

  • tsimiketsimike Posts: 4Member

    aderna: Catalyst Control Center? I don't have that one with the old AMD driver, only AMD Vision Engine Control Center (which could be the same though)


    Currently I have these installed:


    BT: General Bluetooth Device, Qualcomm Atheros Communications,, 2012.09.07. (by Acer for Win8 Upgrade)

    G Sensor: Bosch Sensortec BMA150 Device, Bosch Sensortec,, 2011.01.06. (by Acer for Win8 Upgrade)

    VGA: AMD Radeon HD 6290 Graphics, ATI Technologies Inc., 8.861.0.0, 2011.05.24. (by Acer for Win7)



    Launch Manager, Dritek, 5.1.2 (By Acer for Win7)

    Auto Screen Rotation Blocker, Dritek, 1.04.1106 (By Acer for Win7)

    Device Control, Dritek, 1.01.3002 (By Acer form Win7)


    I've paired my HTC HD2 phone, and my Motorola S9 HD Stereo headset with the W500, and everything is ok, i can use A2DP and other BT services. Device Control not crashing, rotation working fine. Try to check the above "setup". Also in Windows Update i've disabled the AMD update mentioned earlier by mrbrimbi. Only one flaw: the Device Control cannot enable/disable BT.

  • tsimiketsimike Posts: 4Member

    Ok, I give up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When not, GPU acceleration of H264 decoding is not working. I'm watching videos very often, and the C60 APU isn't suited for 720P H264 playback without acceleration. I've tried the driver provided for Win8 Upgrade, but it won't install correctly (Windows Installer crash). So, until Acer provides some support for this, I'm going back to Windows 8. Thank you Acer, thank you Microsoft...

  • mrbrimimrbrimi Posts: 6Member

    The issues with The AMD drivers goes back to Windows 8. Acer is well aware of the problem and has shown no interest in updating their software to work with current AMD drivers.


    All I can say is if Acer wants to ignore their users then I won't be buying or recommending Acer.

  • mrbrimimrbrimi Posts: 6Member

    Am getting Windows Event System Error " The system firmware has changed the processor's memory type range registers (MTRRs) across a sleep state transition (S4). This can result in reduced resume performance."


    Am told that this is directly related to not using current AMD drivers. So if I want to give up the auto-rotate functions Ii can resolve  the power problem.


    THANKS for the on-going support Acer.

  • DSBee1DSBee1 Posts: 1Member


    i have tried this but can't get the deice manager or the bluetooth working with win 8 pro. Where did you fine the display driver 9/27/12 version I could only get the 8.982.9 from the Acer support site

  • mrbrimimrbrimi Posts: 6Member

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Spent some time searching around unfortunately couldn't find the drivers. In my case I orginally got the drivers a year ago after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8. If I can find them elsewhere I'll get back.

  • tsimiketsimike Posts: 4Member

    Installed Win8 Pro back, and everything is working fine (in the past six days). For the time being, I'll forget about 8.1...

  • tpietrotpietro Posts: 1Member

    I had the same problem. I downloaded and installed the latest bios update then went into device manager, display adaptor, and update driver. Let it search automatically for best driver and it found driver version dated 11/08/2013. The tablet now doesnt crash coming back from standby


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