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c7 chromebook won't turn on

Just got my new Chromebook, it worked right out of the box, got it set up, installed a few apps. It was great. I set it down for about 5 minutes, charging with the screen closed, and when I opened it back up the front lit up blue and orange once then turned off and the screen won't come on. Whenever I push the power button, no matter if the battery in with no charger, charger in with no battery, or both, the screen won't come on and the power button will only flash once then die.


I'm sad to think my computer's busted straight out of the box, especially because no matter where I search I can't find any answers on how to fix this bug. Help?


(Also, I bought it from Acer's ebay page so I don't have a warranty.)




  • SharanjiSharanji Posts: 1,373ACE Pioneer




    If the computer is not able to power on you may find it helpful to perform a power reset. This discharges any electrical build up which may prevent your notebook from powering on correctly.

    • Unplug the AC adapter from your notebook.
    • Turn the notebook over to remove the battery.
    • Turn the notebook back over and open it.
    • Hold down the power button for 30 seconds, then release the power button.
    • Turn the notebook back over and slide the battery back into place.
    • Slide the lock tab back into the lock position.
    • Turn over the notebook one last time and plug in your AC adapter.
    • Turn on your notebook


  • FritzkFritzk Posts: 1Member
    I have the same problem and tried your suggested fix. It didn't work. What next? Thanks!
  • Joe1Joe1 Posts: 1Member

    Acer 710 will turn on but just the chrome symbol is on.  Won't go past to symbol.  Was woring properly for one monthe then this happened.  Gets stuch on the first page.  Please help.

  • airshokleairshokle Posts: 1Member

    Acer Chromebook will turn on, but nothing happens - stays frozen on Chromebook page.  I have removed the battery, turned off computer, done ctl+alt+del - nothing happens to fix the problelm.  Any suggestions?

  • StephycarverStephycarver Posts: 2Member
    I'm having the same problem with my new Chromebook. I bought it today (01/24/14). When I turned it on, it worked great. I browsed a few apps and got familiar with the system, then noticed an update was available. I followed the instructions for installing updates, but now the Chromebook won't load past the white chrome screen that comes on when you first power on. It flashes, goes black, goes back to the white screen...but never loads.

    I tried the power off/remove battery/power on.... Cycle that is listed above but it didn't work.

    I'm completely new to Chrome and Chromebook so any advice would be great!
  • MHUF1MHUF1 Posts: 7Member

    It appears that there are a LOT of folks having issues with the C7....what do we do?  How can we get a LIVE person or

    this company to BACK their product and provide support?  If I don't find a solution SOON...this issue might very well

    be the next topic on THE TODAY SHOW!  I have friends in the position that can make this happen!!!  Please share your

    experience and issue with your Acer Chromebook laptop C710 or similar models so I can track this.  I am totally disappointed at this point and will not let it go until I get the answers I need.  I have a little 8 year old granddaughter totally devasted because the computer SANTA brought her is not inoperable and she has used it 3 weeks.  FYI...her mother has major knowledge of computers and cannot figure out what to do!!  Please share your stories and any advice you might bring to the table.  Sometimes it takes LOUD voices to get them to hear US!  Thank you!!

  • kshermksherm Posts: 1Member
    Chromebook c7, about 3 days old.
    Worked great for the first couple of days, closed the lid and let sit over night. Opened it up the following morning and now it's stuck on the white chrome opening page, flashes to black for a second then right back to the white chrome page. Bringing it back to the store tomorrow, so glad i picked up the warranty!
  • StephycarverStephycarver Posts: 2Member
    UPDATE: I've spent several hours now trying different suggestions. Finally I am having a tiny bit of luck. I followed the instructions on this page:


    Now before anyone tries this, let me warn you....I had to do this process at least 8 times before I got any results. The desktop FINALLY appeared but it was badly pixilated and flickered a lot. Some parts were unreadable. I finally got the "settings" page to load, then clicked on "help" on the left hand side. If you leave that page open for about a minute, a circle will appear just above the "more info..." link. The Chromebook will then begin to update. A percentage will show up just below the circle showing your progress. This update took a little over an hour but the flickering and pixilation greatly improved as the update progressed. It did not go away completely however.

    Perhaps someone with more knowledge of Chrome OS can research this a little more and let the rest of us know what we could try next...
  • maskill6maskill6 Posts: 9Member

    I called Customer Service about this issue this morning.  Here is the number I called.


    1-866-695-2237 (US number)


    I only waiting on hold for about 5 minutes and the customer service tech sent me this link to address the flashing Chrome issue.




    Here is the link to create the USB recovery drive:




    Please note, you will have to have your Acer model number to create the USB recovery drive.


    The instructions and recovery USB drive worked for me.  Will give more details when set up is complete.


    Sorry for the multiple posting to different threads.  I saw this being listed a number of times and thought I would share the information I was given.



  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Moderator Seasoned Practitioner

    I am looking into the issues that are being reported with the C710 chromebook is booting to a white screen with chrome logo. If you are having this issue, please send me a private message with your telephone numer, serial number, and SNID. Once I am able to get a resolution, I will update this thread with the results.

  • MHUF1MHUF1 Posts: 7Member

    Thank you, I really appreciate it.  Couple of things that appear to be a problem.  I bought a refurbished one and was reassured it was still new.  When I tried to register it, ACER would not accept, kept saying it was out of warranty. I bought

    it brand new from Walmart website.  It was a good price, almost $200 and it came with the warranty card.  I have not been able to get anyone to address it.  AND, when I call, I have to put in the SSID number and it won't give me a live person since its not under warranty.  THis is for an 8 year old, my granddaughter and all she has on it is game and music sights, supervised as well as Netflix.  THere is nothing to save.  I have told my ex daughter in law to ship back and then I will fight with Walmart when I get it to get my money back and buy her a better computer with support here in the US that I can talk to and understand.  Thanks for your helpl.

  • MHUF1MHUF1 Posts: 7Member

    I purchased this as a new refurbished computer from Walmart 11/12/14.  It was for my 8 year old granddaughter for Christmas.  She lives in OK and I live in GA.  She flew here to GA week of Christmas and SANTA gave her to computer.

    I tried to register with ACER but could not as your company said computer was out of warranty.  I could not get anyone to answer the phone or basically could not get to "2nd base" because of that.  SNID # is 31805388816.  My direct email

    is mahuf1@comcast.net.  If you will email me directly, I will send you my personal phone number to contact me.  


    I would REALLY appreciate it as I am really upset with ACER and this whole ordeal.  Walmart could not address it because

    they only allowed 15 days after Christmas to bring it back.  We NO problem until 3 weeks after Christmas but that is still way to short of a time not to get some help with this.  Thank you. 

  • maskill6maskill6 Posts: 9Member

    Just to give everyone on here an update.


    I created a USB recovery flash drive (with a windows PC) as mentioned in my previous post.  I followed the instructions from those pages and reinstalled the OS and had to set up my Chromebook again. I am typing this on my Chromebook C710 as we speak. So, creating a USB recovery flash drive worked for me.  A couple of things to remember.


    1.  When you do this, you will lose all of your stored internal data!  this resets the Chromebook to its factory defaults.  So be prepare to re-add all of your apps and such. (Correction...all of mine synced back up fine.)


    2.  Be sure to have a network connection otherwise you will not be able to complete the setup (happened to me).


    I can say, for now...so far so good.  Should anything happen, I will keep everyone here posted.


    Here are the links to create the USB recovery drive and the instructions.





    Here is the link to create the USB recovery drive:





    Hope this helps!


    Correction:  After a reboot, all of my downloaded apps were synced correctly.  Smiley Happy no need to re download. 


  • MHUF1MHUF1 Posts: 7Member

    Thanks for the info.  I got a message from an ACER tech person and they are going to try and

    fix the computer.  Waiting on a call within 48 hours to get instructions!  So glad I joined this group! 

    Keep up the information on this site...its very helpful.  Thanks again and wish me luck!  

  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Moderator Seasoned Practitioner

    If your Chromebook is stuck on a white screen, with a Chrome logo, I recommend you try the following steps.


    Leave your Chromebook on the white screen, it should attempt to download and install the latest update and boot normally. This can take up to 30 minutes to complete. If you are still unable to get the Chromebook to boot, you can try reloading from a USB drive, using the instructions located at http://acer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/32221.

    If you are still having problems, I recommend contacting Acer service in your region.

  • AmandaRAmandaR Posts: 2Member

    The link posted for the USB reload is no longer valid. Is there another set of instructions? My attempts at leaving the screen open were unsuccessful Thanks!

  • maskill6maskill6 Posts: 9Member



    I think this link still works.  Try this one.



  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Moderator Seasoned Practitioner
  • BedfordITguyBedfordITguy Posts: 3Member

    If your chrombook is not under warranty, you can try these steps at your own risk:


    Remember to unplug the chromebook and disconnect the battery before doing anything.


    1. The TPM module has a foam pad that holds the TPM module in place while the bottom cover it on it, the foam pad is placed off-center of the socket, which will cause it to disconnect when pressure is put in that general area with the cover on, so I moved the pad, and reseated the module. The system will not boot without this in place.


    2. The SSD Cable that connects to the motherboard moves around when the chromebook is shifted or bumped, if this happens a little bit every day, eventually the cable will come loose. To fix this, un-clip the black clip from the socket a little bit, reseat the cable all the way up to the black line on the ribbon cable, then press the clip back on. Then put some tape over the clip and cable to hold them together.


    3. Reseat the memory, i've noticed on more than a few systems that the memory wasnt clipped in all the way, remove it and put it back in, if you dont know how here is a video . skip ahead to the relevant portion.

    Good luck!



  • BedfordITguyBedfordITguy Posts: 3Member

    The memory installation starts at 7:00

  • BarbLWashingBarbLWashing Posts: 1Member

    Where to start...I bought a Chromebook C710 for my son as a XMAS present and I flew out the end of December to give it to him.  Within 5 weeks, the Chromebook no longer powered on.  I followed all the steps people were posting and it came on once and then never again.  I then contacted warranty support and went through the whole process to have it returned for warranty repair.  After about a month, the Chromebook was returned and in the box no paperwork at all as to what was done and want was repaired.  Plugged it in and still nothing.  Chromebook would not turn on.  Contacted warranty support again and was told that I would have to wait 7-10 business days for the repair to show up in their system.  About two weeks went by and the repair stated that there was something wrong with the battery and the system was repaired.  I then received another UPS label and sent the Chromebook in for repair a second time.  Just received it back this past Friday, 18 April and guess what, doesn't power on.  Just spoke to the warranty repair and of course, I have to wait another 7-10 business days for the repair paperwork to show up in thier system before they can do anything.  This is absolutely ridiculous and I will never buy another ACER product again in my life.  This product only worked for such a short period of time and I am extremely disgusted with this whole mess and at this point I think this purchase is not going to be rectified and I am going to have to tell my son that he will never get this product repaired.  If anyone has any ideas...please let me know.

  • aileen85aileen85 Posts: 1Member
    Hi guys pls help me out. Have a chrome book c710, I removed the hardisk and format it to windows, now, when I returned back the hardisk of my chrome book,the screen went black, no display.. its been 3 weeks until now.. pls help me..
  • JacobDJacobD Posts: 1Member

    I'm having the same problem.  My chromebook was about a month old, and one day it just would not turn on.  It will show the blue power on light and run for about 3 seconds, then power down.  I tried the advice of Mr. Sharanji, and everything seemed to be going great.  It actually started up for a solid 30 seconds, and then crashed again.  Please help me...anyone.

  • FFFF Posts: 1Member

    I tried the link to create a USB recovery drive, but because the Chromebook will not even power on, I was unsuccessful in entering the model number shown on the bottom of the Chromebook.


    What might I do to just get the thing to turn on?  I've tried different wall outlets, with no different results.


    Thank you for any help.

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