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Factory reset on an Iconia W3 w/o buying an USB DVD drive and USB Keyboard

lgoldstickerlgoldsticker Posts: 1Member

I want to do a factory reset on an Iconia W3 and Acer is tellilng me I need to purchase a micro-USB cable; a USB hub; an external USB DVD drive and a USB keyboard to accomplish this task.  I went to Best Buy and I am looking at $125 - $150 for all of these items.  Again, Acer said that is correct.  Do I have any other options rather than spending 40% of what I paid for the tablet simply to do a reset?  HELP!!!!!!


  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,250ACE


    Actually I would suggest a powered USB hub ($15), USB DVD ($25), keyboard case ($12), USB adapter ($3), and travel mouse ($6) - prices are about what I paid on Amazon for such but do get free shipping.


    Will chide Acer for not including the micro-B USB male to USB female-A adapter as they did with the W510. I have a posting here on accessories. Note particularly the powered hub since the DVD requires more power than a Clover Trail tab can provide.


    Of course if you have a desktop with DVD then you can put everything needed on a flash drive (several threads) and just need the flash drive (at least 8 GB), keyboard/mouse, and adapter cable. Might be able to do with less, the BIOS seems to support an on screan keyboard but never tried that way.

  • murielomurielo Posts: 1Member

    Can this be done using a laptop, or does it have to be a desk top?

    And what is the procedure, rather , what is "the necessary information" that needs to be on the flash drive?


    I think I have everything if it can be done on a laptop, otherwise I guess I can do it at work.

    I don't know why this has to be so complicated when on earlier versions all you have to do is stick a paperclip in a hole.

    Granted, I don't want ANYone to be able to set my stuff that easy, but since it was relativley simple to find the master reset in the settings, it shouldn't have to be this difficult.

  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,250ACE


    " Can this be done using a laptop, or does it have to be a desk top?" Please expand on "this" I am not sure what you are trying to do.


    If the tablet will boot to Windows, you should be able to create a "recovery flash drive" (several threads on how. I would suggest using an 8GB drive, more is not needed and over 32 GB will be lost.


    I wish I could say more about extracting the "recovery partition" which I understand is about 6 GB but my tabs do not have one. I am sure some one else here can tell you how to make the flash drive a stand alone recovery unit but I have just used DVDs.

  • ptrkhhptrkhh Posts: 72Member

    you can perform refresh or reset from within Windows without DVD drive or keyboard, or both.


    However, for some devices like my W700, you need the install.wim file on the internal storage.

    To get the install.wim file, you need the Windows 8 ISO file.

    BUT, you need the same edition and architecture for that. For my W700, it is the Single Language 64-bit (Normal/Core edition does not work).


    The guide on how to perform refresh/reset without the disc is provided here /en/home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.eightforums.com%2Ftutorials%2F18052-refresh-reset-windows-8-without-installation-disk.html" class="Popup



    However, since the Windows 8.1 has been leaked anyway, you can also get the Windows 8.1 ISO and just perform the upgrade (its free!). Still, you need the same edition and architecture.


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