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Acer W700 keyboard case

hello guys,


i found this picture in the internet:




I wanted to know where i can buy this?!?! is it an offical Acer-Case?





FAQ & Answers

  • sopaj96sopaj96 Posts: 154Member
    It should have been included in the box...where did you buy it(country)?
  • thomson1984thomson1984 Posts: 3Member

    i didn´t bought, i also want to know where to get it!!!


    here ist another page where such a case is shown 



  • sopaj96sopaj96 Posts: 154Member
    I just said where you can get it...its in the box when you buy the acer w700...Search for acer w700 umboxing on youtube and you will see Smiley Happy
  • thomson1984thomson1984 Posts: 3Member

    no that´s not true! in the box you get a brown case, but the keyboard in the pack is for the dock.


    There isn´t such a keyboard for the case

  • sopaj96sopaj96 Posts: 154Member
    Sorry... I didnt see it xD
    That keyboard... Ive seen it before but it is for ipad :/ Maybe they just took an ipad keyboard for it?
  • sc00ter98sc00ter98 Posts: 10Member

    Seems to be a comfiguration for the au market.

    And the keyboard has a windows key.

  • LJH08LJH08 Posts: 50Member

    Bump. Want one of these instead of the basic us model.... 

  • unforgivenunforgiven Posts: 12Member


    Here is another one photo, also from Australia.

  • sopaj96sopaj96 Posts: 154Member
    Keep this thread alive as I would really want one of these...maybe its upcoming? Hope so cuz I really dont know why Acer made a keyboard dock for a tablet that hasnt even got the same specs as an laptop...in my mind the w700 should have had the keyboard dock as I guess its going to replace everyones laptops....
    Lets just hope this one comes out Smiley Happy
  • sc00ter98sc00ter98 Posts: 10Member

    Yes, this case is a must have. Smiley LOL

  • trothmastertrothmaster Posts: 1Member

    yea we really need that case!!!

  • NiklasDENiklasDE Posts: 1Member

    Yes Acer, make it happen =)

  • kingqadrikingqadri Posts: 12Member

    i want this keyboard so bad, acer please release it , i know you have the power

    found some more pics


  • kingqadrikingqadri Posts: 12Member
  • LJH08LJH08 Posts: 50Member

    that sucks kinda though... seeing as I JUST bought my model... and  in 2 weeks or so they may release a new model with a keyboard case ? :-/

    Still... would be nice if we could get one... especially if they offered a discount or free one to current customers to make up for all the trouble we have experienced with the wifi and such...

    would love a trackball / BB style little trackpointer... would be nicer and more precise than touching the screen in desktop mode though...  or a mini bluetooth mouse included ;-)

  • sopaj96sopaj96 Posts: 154Member

    I am sure Acer will release this case in a few weeks, but if they dont...then a thirdparty company will...

    And NO, Acer will not make a new model of the w700 just for the case... they might just inlcude it but then it be more expensive so we that already has it wont be affected...

    Amd please stop complaining about desktop mode...just go to the control panel and make texts and icons bigger and there you can increase it after your likings...

  • WalderWalder Posts: 61Member

    I would prefer if they released the US models here -_- but then again since i havent bought one yet ill wait to see what comes out.

  • LJH08LJH08 Posts: 50Member

    its not as easy as increasing the size of icons..... my problem with it is in games or programs ,... not the base desktop itself....


    clicking on a touch screen hasnt really got there in windows just yet


    also about the new models i was referring to the article linked....

  • LJH08LJH08 Posts: 50Member

    Been several days.. anyone find anything new?


  • WalderWalder Posts: 61Member

    I asked the guy from the gizmologia spanish website his response was:


    Even though im not spanish its kinda smilar to portuguese so it basicly says that the Iberian representative didnt give any date, just said the month - January.


    "Hola, recuerda que es un producto que acaba de llegar al mercado. En las próximas semanas llegarán nuevas versiones del producto, por lo que te recomiendo que estés atento :]"


    "Hello, remember this is a just arrived at the market product. In the next few weeks new versions from the product will arrive, so i recomend that u be on the lookout for it"


    So we have to wait.

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