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Hard drive configuration is not set to factory default. Restore aborted.

PetenanPetenan Posts: 1Member

Please can you advise how i can get around the above as i am traying to format my acer laptop.



  • ThV5kThV5k Posts: 327Member



    May the community please receive some information about the computer you have. Do you have the restauration disks? eRecovery application?


    Why do you need to do a factory restore? More information will allow the community to assist you.


    Good day.

  • zakariaszzakariasz Posts: 6Member

    Any solution for that I have just changed my hdd and that what happend...

  • chriswongchriswong Posts: 1Member

    I'm also having this problem. I'm troubleshooting an Aspire 4810T model. The device was very slow and the epowertray and ODDPWR error box kept popping up. I've managed to resolve the popups but a lot of system errors being pop up by windows. Firewall service cannot be restarted.


    I need to set the device back to factory default. System is using Vista Home Premium. Any help would be appreciated. No recovery/restore cd's were made by the user.

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