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Aspire 5733Z overheating

Hello, everyone.

I'm having an annoying issue with my Aspire 5733Z. Lately, it began to shut off randomly due to overheating, and it happens mostly while I'm playing games. Before you ask - yes, the fan is working. I've purchased this laptop about a year and a half ago, and I assume that what's causing the problem could be the dust that's clogging the air vent. I've tried sucking some of it out using a vacuum cleaner, but it didn't do much good. I wanted to open the laptop up and clean the fan and the vent, but I have no idea how to remove the back panel and access the cooler. The only thing I managed to do was to remove the panel covering the hard drive.

In addition, I've read an article on eHow which says that many Aspire notebooks have a piece of adhesive over their air vents, which is, for some reason, placed there during assembly, and that removing it could prevent overheating. Is this even true? What would you recommend I do? Any suggestions or similar experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks.



  • ScottyCScottyC Posts: 433Member

    There is absolutely a piece of adhesive over the vent. Or at least there was, when you bought it and took it out of the box. Guaranteed if you can't see it it's not there. And you don't need to remove any panels to clean the thing out. It works like a tunnel. Grab some compressed air and blow from both sides and you'll clean it out. This is almost always the issue with overheating.

  • SvartskjeggSvartskjegg Posts: 2Member

    As you already said, I definitely can't see any adhesive anywhere. Thanks a lot, I didn't know it works that way. I'll try to clean it out with a can of compressed air and see the results. Once again, thank you.

  • stevemdavisstevemdavis Posts: 1Member

    Hi Guys


    Acer 5733 or Aspire 5733Z overheating ???


    After a fustrating time trying to determine why my Acer 5733 shuts down after 3 mins, I did some research and despite being told to send it in for a service check (like why would I do that, when I paid for something which should work), through the process of elimination I have solved the issue.


    We all believe that over heating is the problem, but why?  It's simple inadequate ventilation, and worst of all the heat sink should have been on both sides of the CPU. I have an Intel i3, you may have faster or slowler, but the reason is all the same. The heat cannot leave the chip fast enough. Many people will say it's only because of dust, but its not. Still clean the dust out. It's not the mian reason, only a contributing factor.


    My recommended solution to save yourself £300+ or the cost of buying a new laptop.


    1. Buy yourself Antec Formula 7 Thernal Compound (£14.99  at Maplins, don't settle for cheap makes 8.3w/mk   conductivity is bloody good!)

    You'll need to clean off any existing thermal compound which was applied between the CPU and heat sink, and apply your new one.  Pea sized is best and then connect back. Some people recommend a line of the stuff. Use a pea shap, i.e. circular


    Instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txtd974sRPE

    You might see what looks like little gold pins on the 5733 Acer model, next to the 2 highly polished CPU blocks, ensure that the paste is relatively clean on those tiny lines, there is quite a few of them. Don't know what they are, I don't have the data specs for Intel i3 :-)


    2.  You'll need to buy a flat tiny fan and place it on the under-side of the CPU and heat sink. For whatever reason, I have a feeling this is where the CPU is detecting the real heat, and therefore shutting down. The underside seems a lot hotter than the heat sink side.


    Yes the thin fan goes keyboard side. I know there is not enough space, but if you can get a thin fan, it means you can use your existing laptop keyboard on top of it, otherwise you'll need to get an external USB keyboard to use your laptop, and your laptop keyboard must be removed.

    BINGO !!  The majority of the heat is on the underside, why??? I don't know, but its a bad design - C'mon Acer I had a travelmate before, and it was pumping out twice the amount of heat and worked. In the 5733 model, the ventilation is poor, and moreover cooling is just as bad.


    Once you've done this, you laptop will work for sure, I'm typing this as I've just done it, and not saved it yet, so that how much I trust my recommendation :-)


    3. Download Real Temp, to monitor the internal temperature of the CPU temperature thereafter.




    Keep an eye on your CPU temperature, if it exceed 90degs, there maybe something wrong with your CPU, or motherboard and may be heading for another meltdown. Retry my steps.


    Solved !!!, Thanks for reading.










  • stedunstedun Posts: 1Member

    stevenmdavis thanks for that mate totally sorted the problem ive been having with this irritating model. a few months after i purchased this from amazon uk they withdrew the model. wouldnt tell me why but i suspect this cooling problem was the issue. just registered to thank you anyway - totally solved the problem. 

    handy lttle prog for heat sensor via your link also! 


    cheers m8 

    stevie bhoy

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