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How do I open the disk drive for Aspire E1-522? New, no CD inside, no button outside.

I just bought the laptop and tried to open the disk drive but gently pushing in the drive does not work. Please help!!

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  • n2gcn2gc Posts: 104Member

    You may be able to have it open by itself. If you're able to, boot up to

    the desktop page. Click on "Computer" in start menu > RIGHT CLICK

    DVD DRIVE.  CLICK "EJECT". If all worked right, the optical door should

    pop open !


    If you are running Windows 7 it's easy to get to DVD via "COMPUTER"

    in the start menu. If running Windows 8, move over to the right side

    of the screen, click search, and type in DVD. It should show up and

    then you can right click to "eject"

  • DrkBluePenguinDrkBluePenguin Posts: 18Member

    To open it manually stick a paper clip into the hole right next to the eject button. There will be a little resistance because this is a manual release to open it.

  • mooneyes302mooneyes302 Posts: 4Member

    no manual release button Smiley Sad looked for weeks!

  • mooneyes302mooneyes302 Posts: 4Member

    The Eject on the disktop was grey and did not repond to the mouseSmiley Sad 

  • n2gcn2gc Posts: 104Member
    Accepted Answer

    Wow. According to this..there IS no optical drive or in other words, NO CD/DVD drive.

    I should of checked it out closer..





    Hard Drive Capacity750 GB
    Hard Drive InterfaceSerial ATA
    Optical Drive TypeNo


    Now on the E1-531 there IS a DVD writer, but not on the 522 from what I can tell from

    the data sheets. Below is for the 531.





    Hard Drive Capacity500 GB
    Hard Drive InterfaceSerial ATA
    Optical Drive TypeDVD-Writer
  • mooneyes302mooneyes302 Posts: 4Member

    I could have sworn the display had an open drive...but maybe they sold me the wrong version.. Looked up your link  and it seems I have the wrong one Smiley Sad Got so pulled in by the storage I didnt think to look up this one fact.. Thanks forthe help! I need a disk drive and this one wont do. Still have time to return it and exchange. THANK YOU!! 

  • n2gcn2gc Posts: 104Member

    Its too bad the model you bought doesn't have the features you wanted but the

    good news is that you have time to return it for the model you need.


    Glad I was able to a bit, and you're most welcome !


  • joeyounglovejoeyounglove Posts: 1Member

    Is it possible to get a disk drive installed on this model?

  • n2gcn2gc Posts: 104Member

    I for one don't know if one could be installed INSIDE the unit as the motherboard may not

    have a serial connection built into it to accept the optical drives connection, nor there may

    not be room inside for the drive....but....you DO have an option and that would be an external

    slim line CD-DVD burner connected via USB 2.0. Here is one that may meet your needs.



  • Elvisp2014Elvisp2014 Posts: 1Member

    No CD/DVD. You got ripped off.

  • chuckman45chuckman45 Posts: 1Member

    i know this model has no dvd drive. and i could use an external drive. but this model has the sata place to install a drive which would be a thin drive if i could find one. does anyone know where to get one

  • theres no button on the outside to press to open the disk drive i went online checked out the owners manual




  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Posts: 1,442Member, VIP Seasoned Specialist

    Hi Everyone,


    I see pretty consistent traffic to this thread so I'd like to provide a bit of clarification.


    1. n2gc was correct, the E1-522-5659 (NX.M81AA.010) does not ship with a optical disk drive, but we do have many E1-522 model's that do. I'll provide a copy of the E1-522's in the US at the bottom.
    2. We want people to have the system configuration that best suites them, but I saw the comment "No CD/DVD. You got ripped off." and that's not true. Each configuration will have it's own price points and generally speaking if CD/DVD drive isn't installed, that doesn't add to the cost of the computer (of course thinner lighter faster sleeker usually costs a bit more Smiley Happy)

    Here is a list of US units that I was able to locate just to show that there are some without the DVD drive and many with, you'll need to check the specification on our site as well as the retailer when looking to purchase.


    Hope this helps,



    Specific Model Number Part Number DVD Drive
    E1-522-5618 NX.M81AA.001 No
    E1-522-5842 NX.M81AA.002 Yes
    E1-522-5659 NX.M81AA.004 No
    E1-522-5824 NX.M81AA.010 Yes
    E1-522-7843 NX.M81AA.011 Yes
    E1-522-7820 NX.M81AA.014 Yes
    E1-522-7697 NX.M81AA.015 Yes
    E1-522-7430 NX.M81AA.016 No
    E1-522-3614 NX.M81AA.017 Yes
    E1-522-3442 NX.M81AA.018 Yes
    E1-522-7415 NX.M81AA.020 Yes
    E1-522-3446 NX.M81AA.024 Yes
    E1-522-5423 NX.M81AA.025 Yes
    E1-522-3813 NX.M81AA.026 Yes
    E1-522-3650 NX.M81AA.027 Yes
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