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Restore failed error code=0x3(the system can not find the path specified

xanatjanzxanatjanz Posts: 1Member

I need help with Restoring my Aspire One AO-257. When I turned my computer on the following screen came up: No bootable device. I bought the discs from Acer to restore my Note book. The system disk showed: Windowa copyng files. After a while a green screen showed up with the heading "Acer eRecovery Managementy. Then showed the choice of language. After choosing the language shows a screen with four choices: 1. Restore OS to Factory defaults. 2. Restore OSand retain user data. 3. Completly restore computer to factory defaults and 4. Exit. I chose numbrer 3. Completely restore computer to factory defaults. After that a screen with heading Creating Hars disk partitions. I did not do anhything except to press the Next button. The came another screen with heading Notice. after that came other screen wit heading Restore destination with following lines: Hard Drive name: ATA device

                        Partition label: System

                        Partition siza: 41924 GB

Afte pressing Next button, this screen shows: The action will erase all existing data on Partition lsbel System. Press OK to continue  or press Cancel to abort. I pressed OKthen shows a screen  with heading: Copying files from disc, please wait for files to load. At this time the computer ejects the Syste disk and ask for Disk 1. I inserted Recovery disk 1 and pressed ok. After a while the disk is ejected and the followin screen shows up "Restore failed-Error Code=0x3(The system cannot find the path specified) Any body knows what to do. Did I get the wrong diks from ACER. I hope that somebody can help me.



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  • GlennbGlennb Posts: 1Member

    Have you received an answer from anyone.  I have the same issue, and believe it probably has to do with the Windows automatic update that occured last Thursday.  I'm about to chuck the Acer out the window.

  • n2gcn2gc Posts: 104Member

    "Partition size: 41924 GB"

    Something's not right there. The unit only comes with a 250 gig hard drive.I believe you may

    have meant MB's or KB's. Have you gotten into BIOS and check to see if BIOS recognizes the

    hard drive ?


    To get to BIOS start unit and when the screen starts, press F2 or DEL or F1. Once in BIOS

    look for the hard drive. It should show on the 1st screen of the BIOS.


    You may have to pull the drive and format it in another computer, reinstall it back into

    the Acer. When in BIOS you'll want to go to the BOOT  screen and choose the devise your

    loading the discs into. Make that it's the number 1 boot devise. Press F10 to save choices

    and then the unit will shut down and reboot. It will ask you to press any key for the DVD

    to proceed in loading the OS. Let it load the files from the recovery discs and follow prompts.


    If all goes right, when all is done, you should be looking at the desktop in about an hr or

    less. Once THIS is done, you'll  want to go back into BIOS  and change boot order over

    to the internal hard drive and make IT the number 1 boot devise. Press F1O and let the

    unit reboot. It should boot to desktop and then you can go from there.


    At least this is how I do it when reformatting or replacing drives in laptops and desktops.


    I hope this works on the Acer One and I hope the hard drive is present and not corrupted.


    Here is a picture of the BIOS  screen when it firsts starts up.


    acer one bios image.jpg



  • jimste64jimste64 Posts: 1Member

    I too am having this issue.  Has anyone ever found a solution?

  • intslbintslb Posts: 1Member

    I have an acer ao722 I went in the bois but my hdd keeps dispearing it was there I tryed a restore and got Restore failed error code=0x3(the system can not find the path specified) went back in and it was gone. Took it out & put it back in in case it was loose. Tryed a couple times but it keeps disapearing. Is there something else I can try?

  • n2gcn2gc Posts: 104Member

    I do have a suggestion but none of you are going to like it. Buy an OEM or BRANDED W7 disc, format

    the drive, when it boots change over to CD as the primary drive, and let Windows 7 install the files and start completely fresh. IF you still have the W7 COA pasted on the unit, you can load an ISO of W7, probably

    basic, and losd the files, THEN when it asks for your COA, eneter it, OR continue on and activate

    the OS with the COA numbers via the phone.  >





    Buying an OEM is cheaper and BRANDED is cheaper. Branded meaning it might have a DELL or

    some other MFG's brand on it, but it will be suppied with a VALID COA, then once loaded

    activate the COA and you have a working unit. For instance >


    https://www.google.com/search?q=branded+w7+os&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-USSmiley Surprisedfficial&client=firefox-a#q=branded+w7+os&rls=org.mozilla:en-USSmiley Surprisedfficial&tbm=shop


    This way YOU control the OS and how it works.


    I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but if you want the unit to work on YOUR terms...


    I have used this company before with no bugs on the product.


    https://www.google.com/shopping/product/1510661813834510433?q=branded+w7+os&rls=org.mozilla:en-USSmiley Surprisedfficial&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=pv.xjs.s.en_US.M3gUQDA8spw.O&tch=1&ech=1&psi=W-b-UpynJJfboAS_3oLoAQ.1392436828266.3&ei=XOb-Us3zK4rvoAT1lIDYBQ&ved=0CIoFEKYrMAY


    I have used this company before with no bugs on the product




     Remember should you decide to do this, go into BIOS and change the boot from AHCI to IDE, close

    and boot up with the disc. Then you'll be good to go. Once you get everything the way you want

    go to W 7 FORUMS to tutortials, and learn how to modify REGISTRY, then download the AHCI files,

    reboot and there you go.


    It ain't easy being sleazy, but if you want a working unit on YOUR terms....

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