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Acer Aspire 5542 problem

Hi to everyone. I have an Acer Aspire 5542. When I power it up the power button lights up blue and I hear the laptop fan working but the screen remains black. The only thing that happens is that the blue led (which is on the right side of the touchpad) lights steady and the amber led blinks at a steady rhythm. I connected my laptop to an external monitor but nothing happened. It seems that the laptop is "dead". Can you help me identify the problem? I personally believe that motherboard is the main "suspect" for this problem but I 'm not sure. Thanks in advance for your replies!


  • Vince53Vince53 Posts: 805Member

    Cloudman, since an external monitor won't work, you know that it isn't your screen. Since you can't even get into Bios, it probably isn't your hard drive. My advice is take it to a repair shop.

  • cloudmancloudman Posts: 2Member

    Thank you very much for your reply, Vince53! I forgot to mention in my first post that I have tested RAM and HDD in another working laptop that I own and figured out that RAM and HDD is OK. That's why I suspect that the problem comes from the motherboard. I don't think that the processor is the problem, but I 'm not sure. If I was completely sure that the motherboard was the problem, I would change it myself, as I have already done in several laptops (I repair defect laptops of friends and colleagues as a hobby). All I want is to determine the heart of the problem as far as possible (recognizing the limitations of a forum) so that I don't buy replacement parts not really needed. 

  • charlotte9611charlotte9611 Posts: 3Member

    hi, i have an acer aspire 5542 aswell, i noticed that when i leave mine on stanby and it 'turns off' when i open it back up it does the same, so i just put down the lid, wait for the amber light to flash and open it again Smiley Happy

    hope this helps.

  • HessHess Posts: 1Member

    The exact same problem has recently occured with my Acer Aspire 5542 also. I did similar tests and came to the conclusion that it was a motherboard problem. I also got it checked out at a repair shop, and they also confirmed it was the motherboard.


    I'm extremely disappointed with the number of other people who have experienced the same problem with this brand and model of laptop. This laptop was bought brand new 2-3 years ago, taken great care of and performed very nicely until this sudden hardware issue. It was only used in the house, mainly in the office room 99% of the time.

  • KelsterKelster Posts: 1Member
    Hi guys,
    I have just had exactly the same problem. I'm gutted I love this laptop!
    I see you all seem to have come to the conclusion it's the motherboard. I two believe this is the problem with mine as I too have checked the other bits.
    I just wanted to know what you guys decided to do?
    Did you get the motherboard replaced as I'm told this could be pretty expensive and cost 70% of the laptop. Do you know anywhere to source one cheaply?
    Did this then fix the issue or did you just end up buying new laptops? I'm being told to get a new laptop but I don't want to part with this one.
    Your results would really help me make a decision.
    Many thanks in advance
  • nascarpilot2nascarpilot2 Posts: 1Member

    I have a 5542 and am experiencing the same problem now. I can usually get mine to start after 10 or 12 tries though. Pretty sad Acer is doing nothing about this. Time to take to social media and spread the word. If we all do it, we will make some noise! 

  • thendrathendra Posts: 1Member

    I disassemble my acer aspire 5250 and once it was reassemble, the blue power light is steadily on and there's no screen.  I've reseated the CMOS bat, connected to external screen and reseated memory---it's continuously has the blue power light and no screen.  Any suggestions?


  • jpo1976jpo1976 Posts: 3Member

    were you able to solve your problem?

  • teigaffteigaff Posts: 1Member

    Hi everyone

    My notebook have the same error. The screen is always blank. The blue power LED is shining. When I press the power button I  hear the harddisk spinning and also the DVD drive. But then, no more actions. The notebook is keep runnig, I hear the fan spinning. But no harddisk activity nor DVD access.

    I tried crisis disk via USB stick. But FN + ESC is not recognized. Probably the motherboard is defective or the CPU?

    A new motherboard costs about 150$. That is much. Maybe someone know which part of the motherboard is defective and we can replace that piece. Maybe it's just a capacitor?


    What did you do?


    Thanks in advance.

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