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Acer Aspire V5-571PG - Keyboard Spacebar

NetqueenNetqueen Posts: 3Member

I'm having problems with my spacebar not spacing when touched, I go along typing and sometimes when I touch the spacebar it does not space and I have to backspace to go back to where the mistake is made to put the space in which becomes very annoying.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  I wonder if they are all likel this or I need to send this back, I have only had it for approximately a week.  Or do you think it will work it's way out and it's just me that needs to learn to hit the spacebar harder as I am typing?  I have spoken to support and I asked if there was possibly a driver update or somewhere to change the sensitivity of the keyboard, they said that there wasn't?


Other than that I am loving my new Acer and love love love the touch screen!  Just hate the thought of having to return this and have it repaired or replaced. :-(


Thanks for any responses,



  • surfdogsurfdog Posts: 1Member

    Mine's exactly the same. About 50% of the spacebar surface area is ineffective. All the other keys are very sensitive and then you really have to whack the space bar. I do a lot of typing and I fear this is going to drive me mad. I don't think it's worth exchanging your machine (unless it's for a different brand) as it seems to be a general design fault.


    It would be nice if Acer woke up to this and came up with some kind of fix.

  • cjbcjb Posts: 1Member

    I also have the same problem with the Aspire V5-471P. It seems to be mostly the left side of the space bar. I'd like to do the repair myself if possible.  If the keyboard is replaced will that fix the problem? I like this laptop but the spacebar problem is extremely annoying.


    Thanks, CJ

  • NetqueenNetqueen Posts: 3Member

    Thank you for responding, I was hoping it was just my Aspire that was having this problem with the spacebar.  How are you dealing with the problem?  I am also having problems with some of my keys as well. !!!  Has anyone tried sending it back to Acer for a fix or replacement?  I am planning to tackle the task of speaking to Acer once I get back to my permanent residence in October.  I just hate the fact that I know it will be a fight and struggle to get anything done. :-(  And I really researched before buying this time.  So disappointed!!!




  • Ross33Ross33 Posts: 1Member

    My space bar also doesn't work right, does not advance properly. Too few sensors??? acer should repair and send us a new replacement. Iwill spread the message.

  • AninaAnina Posts: 1Member

    Same problem on my brand new laptop... So only complaints, no solutions...


    But it´s ridiculous, weren´t they suppose to improve over the years? Or is Acer just rubbish? I mean how in the world are the keybord and the touchpad of my old laptop brilliant and still working perfectly after 8 years of intensive use?! Well different brand but still... manufactured nearly 10 years ago. 



  • fairsailingfairsailing Posts: 1Member

    Exact same issue here on my brand new Aspire V5-572G.  Far right 1" of space bar is nonresponsive.  I am a right handed typist, so I use this portion a lot, very inconvienent.  Acer will cover under warranty, but will not provide return shipping container and I will be required to remove my SSD drive I installed, so I probably won't bother.  Would be nice if someone comes up with an easy fix.  Looks like they would probably just ship a new system, which very likely will have the same issue.  I like this system in all other areas, especially with the SSD, but this will be my one and only Acer.  Really inexcusible inattention to details.

  • RadioFaceRadioFace Posts: 1Member

    Found something that helped this problem!


    Found this forum looking for a solution to the spacebar problem.  Then, in another forum I found a suggestion that it might help to clean the contacts under the spacebar.  I lifted up the bar and blew compressed air (from a spray type can) into the area.


    The spacebar is working MUCH better.  Looks like the problem with the Acer keyboard might be a susceptibility to dust on the contacts.

  • JPcreignouJPcreignou Posts: 1Member

    Same problem on my Aspire S7.

    How dod you lift the space bar?

  • dankdank Posts: 1Member

    Thanks for the tip about lifting the space bar. on the underside were a couple of paperclip-type wires that are supposed to make the space bar rigid. My problem was that the spacebar kept bending instead depressing. It turned out these wires weren't in place properly. Works better now. I still hate crappy thin keys though.

  • Bill_S_601Bill_S_601 Posts: 2Member

    I have exactly the same spacebar problem with my brand new Acer Aspire E1-572P-6403. My online retailer offered to replace it with another, but with all the setup work that I have invested, I would rather have it repaired. I wonder how that's going to godown. (godown is how it looks when you type "go down" with a lousy space bar.) Very frustrating. I had thought Acer was agood brand. Grrr.

  • Maxien78Maxien78 Posts: 4Member

    This same thing ishappening withmy brand new, not even one week old Acer V5-56ig. It's frustrating because I have to go back and edit all my words.

  • RDPRDP Posts: 2Member

    Same problem with my Aspire S7.  Very frustrating!   My spacebar doesn't work when I hit the lower-right portion -- i.e. low with my right thumb.

  • stripeystarstripeystar Posts: 1Member

    I had the same problem with my brand new e1 572 - lifting off the spacebar button and wiping the black sensor points seems to have helped. Not perfect but definitely responding better to side touches with thumbs for normal touch typing as it wasn't responding to anything other than a hard depress initially.

  • RDPRDP Posts: 2Member
    I popped off my spacebar and added a couple of layers of masking tape so it takes a bit less pressure for a press to register. Took some trial and error but it works perfectly now. Scary popping off the bar and tricky to get back on properly.
  • Bill_S_601Bill_S_601 Posts: 2Member

    Does ACER not read these comments? It's their own web site! They seem be be disrespecting their customers.

  • MartinaggeMartinagge Posts: 1Member

    Here is a quick-fix:


    I had the exact same problem on my brand new Acer Aspire V11 Touch. The spacebar needed to be whacked quite hard in the middle to work (it should be named Asus Aspire V11 Whack, not Touch :-)). Neigther of the sides of the spacebar would work.


    I did what RDP suggested above: Carefully lifted of the spacebar (using the tip of two not too pointy table knives). It is attached by multiple small clips holding two rigid wires. There is only one switch in the middle, and for it to be activated the spacebar needs to be rigid and under enough tention to work when the sides of the spacebar are touched. One of the wires stayed on the spacebar, while the other detached. I stuck two layers of electrical insulation tape on top of each other, cut at little square and stuck it to the middle of the back of the spacebar, over the switch. Then reattached the spacebar (fiddled the wire back in position, and pressed the whole spacebar back in position, so all the little clips reattached).


    It now works perfectly!


    However, if you don't want to fiddle with the keyboard yourself, return it for service. After all this is the only way Acer will become aware that they have a production problem. This thread seems to be ignored by them.

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