how do you reset the bios password, aspire one nav50.

kundanshinde Member Posts: 1

I have an Acer Aspire One Model Nav50 with windows 7 home basic. It is so corrupt I need to

reinstall anything and need access to a usb boot flas drive. I cant access the Bios as forgot

the password it  keeps insisting its thes PASSWORD whan try to access the biso. 

how can i reset the bios Password.


  • Phil-3
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    Hi kundanshinde,

    There is an Acer Knowledge Base article that deals with this issue. Please check the information at this link to see if it helps.

  • ScottyC
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    Open the ram door on the back of the unit, look for a jumper marked U72. Connect the jumpers with a piece of metal. This will reset defaults for bios password etc... You won't lose data by doing this.

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