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my acer Aspire v5 (touch screen) has a wifi problem

i just bought my acer Aspire V5 (touch-screen) like 5 days ago and when ever i connect to any wifi, after a short while the internet will stop working and say Limited Access. when i trouble shoot, it starts working again and after a while it stops. 


  • lenny212lenny212 Posts: 2Member

    I am also experiencing this problem with the Acer Asprie S3-391 since upgrading to windows 8.

    Hopefully someone can provide a solution.

  • Joshua188Joshua188 Posts: 523Member

    Hello chudynho, and lenny212. The issue with the Wireless you both may be having can possibly be solved by going into the Device manager and then uninstall the driver (don’t touch the check box) and restart the computer. Once back on the unit will reinstall the driver and may resolve the issue. Smiley Happy best of luck

  • aceruseraceruser Posts: 1Member

    I had the same issue. Go to their support page, download the wireless driver for windows 7 (64 bit if your syste, is 64 bit) and not for windows 8. That worked for me. I think there is some issue with the Windows 8 wireless driver.

  • turtlebean87turtlebean87 Posts: 2Member

    i had the same problem, i did whhat aceuser said and it works perfectly now, ty!

  • chudynhochudynho Posts: 2Member

    hey! how do i get the driver for windows 7, beceause when i enter my laptop model on acer page, they only give me windows 8 drivers 

  • wengyeowwengyeow Posts: 3Member

    to: joshua

    uninstall the network adapter?

    or wat?

  • taiwilliams119taiwilliams119 Posts: 8Member



    I did a PC refresh and after doing this a couple times to see the issue, I have finally pinpointed where the culprit lies.


    After playing around with my router, uninstalling my anti virus and everything else in between, I found out that the QCA Wifi Driver and the Atheros Blue Tooth Driver are the drivers that have the conflict. In other words, these two drivers are the ones that are making the connection 'limited'.

    Everytime I reinstalled these after my PC refresh my computer internet connection became 'limited'. However, after my 3rd PC refresh I decided not to reinstall these drivers. Because of this decision I have had no further issues whatsoever with my internet connection dropping or becoming 'limited' at all. Furthermore, as soon as I boot my computer, the internet is connected, whereas before, with these drivers installed, this was not happening at all.

    Clearly, there is a massive issue with these drivers. I had to - as computer illiterate that I am -  figure this out for myself.

    In conclusion, I will not be installing any new drivers for my Windows 8 Acer Aspire V3-771, until I get official confirmation from an Acer technician regarding these issues. Clearly there is some major problem as after days of research, I see that so many folk who have Windows 8 are the ones who are suffering from this major malfunction; I'm not sure if it is affecting any other models of Acers laptops/PCs, I just know, from what I had to learn that a lot of folk are having these issues.  And that is not a good thing at all for the brand name of Acer.

  • dna2110dna2110 Posts: 8Member

    ok. so what driver are you using then for your wifi connection? 

  • waleed507waleed507 Posts: 1Member

    im having kinda trouble finding their support page so id really appriciate if u can help me find the exact driver...

  • v5userv5user Posts: 1Member

    My V5 also have the same problem~
    Some told me to uninstall the wifi driver and install the one offered in the acer website.


    but my version is 11.sumtng.... and the one offered is 10.0.0sumtng~


  • v5-i5_userv5-i5_user Posts: 1Member

    I was having the same problem. Like I said was. I purchased mine yesterday. All last night and for the better part of today, I was getting to know my new Acer Aspire v5 with i5 processor. I was connected to my wifi the entire time. With no problem, I was able to surf the internet.


    So, I decided to connect my Windows 8 phone to my new Windows 8 laptop via Bluetooth. Fifteen minutes later I started having wifi drops. When I realized that my Bluetooth was the problem (about 5 hours later), I had turned off my Bluetooth on my laptop and no more wifi drops.

    I said that to say this, there's must be a conflict with the wifi and Bluetooth drivers, and that's what causing the wifi drops.


    I hope this works for you.



  • entahapaentahapa Posts: 4Member

    I also have the same problem with my 1month old V5. And I can see so many V5 & V3 have the same problem. How come Acer didn't detect this problem? And why Acer didn't reply & solved this problem. Some of the user are not IT savvy. WHAT A BAD EXPERIENCE TO ME AS ACER LONG TIME CUSTOMER...!!!

  • entahapaentahapa Posts: 4Member

    Acer supposed aware of this problem. And the should solve this problem & advise the customer!!! Not all customers are IT savvy!

  • JYNgJYNg Posts: 11Member

    UPDATE: I've updated my driver from the original to the provided on the Acer website. This solves the dropping wifi issue, but introduced yet another problem: occasionally the wifi driver will refuse to work. the laptop will failto detect wifi, only stating it's status as 'network is available'. But when you click on the wifi icon, nothing will happen. Restarting the laptop promptly solves the issue.


    I'm not complaining much seeing how this is a vast improvement compared to my previous situation (wifi dropping every 30 minutes or so). But preferably, I would have prefered if it works perfectly without me having to restart my laptop every now and then.

  • RogerRoger Posts: 1Member

    If multiple screens are opened, and if I about to type on the keyboard, the screen jumps from one to another occasionally. It happens if your fingers are close to mouse pad.

  • JYNgJYNg Posts: 11Member



    this thread is about wifi issues, somehow your post about screen jumping ended up here.


    Anyway, in response to your screen jumping issue, it's a feature of Windows 8. It's similar to swiping from the left border of your screen, which allows you to switch between apps rapidly. 


    I'm not aware of any solution to it. Just try and get used to avoiding the touchpad while typing.

  • r1r1 Posts: 2Member

    is there no answer yet i am going to go further with this its not acceptable to pay money for a service they know is not going to work just a rip


  • r1r1 Posts: 2Member

    can not stay connected for more then 5 minutes come on acer


  • dgulliversdgullivers Posts: 1Member

    The problem with dropping connections in Aspire V5 touchscreen windows 8 has finally been resolved. I used to have this problem and I went to the Aspire website to install the latest driver as at 18th March, 2013. I never expeperience the problem since I intalled this driver.

    The point is that drivers are specific to your Acer Aspire model. The one for my V5-571P is:


    Wireless LANAtherosWireless LAN Driver10.0.0.225226.3 MB


  • chucktaylorchucktaylor Posts: 1Member

    Regarding the wi-fi/internet problems, I called Acer and they walked me through downloading the necessary driver.  They said the disconnect/limited problems are from the driver that comes with the Aspire V5 and their other laptops.  The driver needed is "wireless LAN".  They were very nice and told me exactly what to click on, open, etc. (because I'm not a computer expert).  I've had no problems since they helped me.  If you're having problems with the wi-fi, please call the number and tell them you need to download the wireless driver.  They will tell you exaclty what to do.  I hope this is helpful.


    [edited to comply with guidelines - removed phone number]

  • entahapaentahapa Posts: 4Member

    Just wondering...if so many V5 user face this prob, why dont this very big, brilliant, excellent Acer company give a link guiding the user (including non expert like me also) instead of ALL the problem users call them & they answer one by one!


    Anyway thanks for the usefull info!

  • 1garafola1garafola Posts: 3Member

    OK, i guess i am the most IT iliterate.  if i cannot connect to wifi how do i go to their website to install the latest driver?  Totally confused


    Needless to say, i have the same wifi issue everyone else is having with my acer Aspire v5

  • 1garafola1garafola Posts: 3Member

    what number did you call because i keep getting Acer support that wants to charge me??


  • becbearwbecbearw Posts: 1Member

    I have only just purchased my new Acer Aspire V5-571PG with Windows 8 and touchscreen this week and have this problem as well.

    I have checked my Device Manager (in My computer) is on. And checked BlueTooth devices is off, and still the wireless is dropping out, or having limited connectivity.


    Looks like everyone is having the same problem, and it is the Device driver.


    Where exactly can I find out on my computer what version I have at the moment?


    And where do I go exactly to download/install the new updated device driver that will fix this problem?


    Thanks so much guys, hope you can help!



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