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Using Acer Recovery Manager for image backup/restore with Windows 8

amsams Posts: 6Member


sorry if this issue was discussed somewhere else. Couldn't find. If yes, please direct me to. Thanks.


Just bought a brandnew Aspire One 756 with W8.

It offers the Acer Recovery Manager (ARM) and the possibility to create an image backup on a usb-drive.

After installing, configuring searching and loading drivers and so on, I did an image backup.

So far so good.

To recover the image one have to create (with ARM Tools) a boot device.

To boot, one should re-arange the boot order, boot and direct the ARM, started from the boot device, to the saved image.


But, after trying and failing and then reading a lot - THIS DOES NOT WORK. THIS CANNOT WORK. Due to UEFI Bios.

The Bios will not boot from a non UEFI device.

To say it straight: ACER sells something that does not work. The new owner - has to search in the internet for a solution. ACER sells something that has worked until W7 and ACER does not offer a solution for W8.



A solution may be to change the Boot Setting from UEFI to legacy in Bios.

But on the other hand I could read from issues when going back from legacy to UEFI .... :-(


My two questions now:

a) Is it quite sure that I can change from UEFI to legacy boot and vice versa and everything works as before?

b) Is there a way (in best case: an official Acer way) to create an UEFI bootable Acer Recovery Manager Device?


Thank you for reading.









  • verbaverba Posts: 2Member

    I have problem with UEFI and parttition too because my system fail down and nothing work.
    I can only delete all partition and reinstal windows 8 from friend original DVD but I have NBC and CAL files with backups all partitions and windows.
    My problem is how create UEFI partition like from factory or how restore partition from backups because I try all and nothing program cant read NBC and CAL because I have clear installation (but in clear install I can activate windows) and in clear install have not acer backup program I use before and is imposible restore my system Smiley Sad
    Sry for my eng. PLS help

  • ScottyCScottyC Posts: 433Member

    It sounds like you made a backup of your disk image. This is not meant to be bootable, it's meant to be used AFTER doing a recovery/reset to put your files back in place. To create a bootable recovery usb you need to use the Windows tool, as they are no longer allowing manufacturers to create their own backup software, hence the lack of ALT-F10.


    To create the bootable recovery drive read here: RECOVERY

  • verbaverba Posts: 2Member

    But I have only (disk image) in NBF and CAL files from all partition and need get all data from this files for using with create bootable USB (ext. hdd) or create new partition like from factory and put this data back.
    Because I have not another way to get back my Windows 8.
    How I say clean install did not work in notebook and I do not get CD key. Smiley Sad
    (Acer aspire V3-571g black)

    (i5,, GT640M,, 6Ram)

  • ScottyCScottyC Posts: 433Member

    Sounds like you thought you made a recovery disk but actually made a disk backup. I would contact Acer and ask them for a copy of your disks.

  • amsams Posts: 6Member



    "To create the bootable recovery drive read here: RECOVERY"


    Thank you for this hint ...


    The originally Boot drive that is created by the Acer Rec. Manager (Under "Tools") builds up a Stick (or USB-Drive) which boots and then comes up with a Mini Recovery Manager that offers you a selection where your backup image files are. And then, after selection, starts the recovery from the image. (So I read, haven't seen it until now)


    Without inspecting the Stick in detail, I think they boot some Linux stuff or so?


    So how do I create this with the boot drive that was made in the link you showed?







  • ScottyCScottyC Posts: 433Member

    The link itself describes in detail how to create the bootable drive, but rather than messing around with the link try this out. I've been using this method and it works very well for me.


    Hit the Windows key + R to open the run command.

    Type in: recoverydrive.exe

    Check the box: copy the recovery partition from the pc to the recovery drive.

    Click next.


    I don't use the Acer eRecovery Software to create the USB, this method uses a Microsoft utility to copy the recovery partition directly onto the USB. It's bootable, it's easier than the Acer tools in my opinion, and all you have to do is change the boot order.



  • amsams Posts: 6Member



    what I like to have is a quick possibility to move from one device to another.

    (I had to give my Aspire one back because of a display failure after 2 weeks. At least 10 days where filled with installing and configuring my stuff. At least I created an image backup ONE DAY BEFORE the display crashes. But I was relaxed. I had had an image backup. Amazon changed the netbook without any issues and then I must learn that my imabe backup is only rubbish. I couldn't boot the external device. So I started again installing ..)


    So the question was, what do I have to install on the so created external drive to recover from the image a have taken with ARM?



  • ScottyCScottyC Posts: 433Member

    From the Acer Backup Manager instructions...


    "8. Once finished you will be prompted to create a bootable CD/DVD in case you need to restore your complete system backup. Insert a blank CD/DVD and click OK if you wish to create the bootable CD/DVD now.

    Note: The bootable CD/DVD can also be created by clicking on Tools, and then clicking Create Bootable CD/DVD Disc...."


    So in short, open acer backup manager and click tools at the top. Click create bottable CD/DVD disc, and burn away.

    Here's how you USE the discs, again from the instructions....


    To use your backup image and bootable disc follow these steps:

    Note: Before restarting you computer make sure to have the bootable disc you created in your optical drive.

    1. Restart your computer and enter the BIOS screen by pressing the F2 key for notebooks or by pressing the Delete key for desktops.
    2. Use your keyboards arrow to move over and select the Boot tab along the top of the screen.
    3. Use your arrow keys to locate and highlight your CDROM or DVDROM with the model name to the right. Press the F6 key to move your CDROM or DVDROM to the top of the list.
    4. Once your finished, use your arrow keys to select the EXIT tab.
    5. Highlight Exit Saving Changes using your arrow keys and press the Enter key.
    6. Press the Enter key again on YES to accept the changes and to restart your computer.
    7. The computer will load into Acers Backup Manager instead of Windows.
    8. Click Image to locate where you saved your backup image.
    9. Select your backup image and click OK.
    10. Click Restore to start the restore process..
    11. Once finished click OK to confirm the restore, then click OK again to restart your computer.


  • amsams Posts: 6Member

    I give it up now.


    It seems you do not read what I write from the start on.


    The "bootable CD/DVD" created this way:

    "8. Once finished you will be prompted to create a bootable CD/DVD in case you need to restore your complete system backup. Insert a blank CD/DVD and click OK if you wish to create the bootable CD/DVD now.


    IS NOT BOOTABLE. As described in this thread.


    Thanks a lot so far and bye bye


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