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I need US keyboard layout Acer Laptop .Am here in Germany...

Hi there Long time Acer user … I am over here in Germany , staying longer and would like to purchase the Acer Aspire V3-771G for doing some serious work , but I have one Problem.... My buying experience gets , almost destroyed by the German Keyboard layout.. Keys are way different. Forward slash is on nr.7 key and you have to press shift to make this / So if I am working in shell its suck big time. And every freaking Laptop I find in Germany has German Keyboard. (I do not want to buy external USB US keyboard. I prefer to avoid it ...) Can you help me? What can I do? I am not planing to leave Germany any time. Is Acer be able to help?


  • HK53THK53T Posts: 767Member

    keyboards only for area where product is sold so english not available in germany


  • ScottyCScottyC Posts: 433Member

    This is true, but you can always change the keyboard layout to English and use the German keyboard exactly as you would an English one. You just need to go to language settings under the control panel and change input settings. The physical keyboard will still be German, but it will type just like it does back in North America.

  • danrulz98danrulz98 Posts: 5Member

    You could probably order one on Amazon or Ebay and have it sent there, or have a friend in the US buy one and send it to you

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