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Aspire V7 482PG Availability?

JatalocksJatalocks Posts: 3Member

This laptop has been announced at the start of this month and now it's the end of June and there are not any news about the availability of the laptop! I have searched everywhere but I can't find a place where I can buy or order the laptop, in ANY country!


  • blackdogblackdog Posts: 3Member

    I have the same question! The price point and specifications are exactly what I need for this coming semester! Specifically, I was looking at the V7-582PG-6421. I see it on the Acer product listings, however, it states that they can not be ordered online (also, the retailers they've suggested don't seem to have it in stock?). What gives?

  • JatalocksJatalocks Posts: 3Member

    Since I posted this I tired to order the laptop from this site: (They have it on stock)


    The 14" version: http://global.pchome.com.tw/english/?mod=item&func=exhibit&IT_NO=DHAE70-A77144324

    the 15" version: http://global.pchome.com.tw/english/?mod=item&func=exhibit&IT_NO=DHAE70-A77144184


    I had problems with paypal and such and I am really disappointed. If you have any luck reply to me please!

  • blackdogblackdog Posts: 3Member

    Looks like a pretty shifty website! I'm going to keep holding up until I see it available through an North American or European retailer; I keep checking for reviews and so on. Post here if you find it, I'll try to do the same!

  • JatalocksJatalocks Posts: 3Member

    I found this but I don't think it's what we are both looking for:



    Also, lucky for you (15" version) specially I found this:



    Though it has GT 720M graphics and not GT 750M

  • cerniocernio Posts: 1Member

    Looks like the premium version of the 482PG is available on the Acer website. This is like the perfect laptop for me, but I wish to have a SSD instead of the 1TB 5400rpm. Does anyone know if the V7 is easily user upgradable and I could put in a SSD?


    I know this 'premium' configuration is only available on Acer website. But I am wondering if more configurations (maybe with SSD) will be available, and if so when and where!?


    Also, I have never owned Acer. Is the build quality good for Aspire V7s? I need this laptop to last 4 years.


    Lastly, what does everyone think the battery life of the 482PG will be? The FHD screen and 750m GPU will probably take a lot of power. Is it bad the battery is only 4 cell? How long should the laptop last estimation?


  • kooymankooyman Posts: 3Member

    I'm from Holland and i type this on my new Acer aspire V7, i went trough the same problems, it was anouncec here, but not on the Acer website or something, only some retailers had it in stock, without any news on the internet.


    But the Aspire V7 is available in Holland while no news or release date have been given, i dont know how it works with shipping to the US.

  • visualgirlvisualgirl Posts: 2Member

    Does it have a backlit keyboard ?

  • kooymankooyman Posts: 3Member

    Yes it has a backlit keyboard.

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