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Bluetooth toggle is "greyed"out and bluetooth does not work!

bphabererbphaberer Posts: 3Member

I had this issue and tried about everything i knew. I contacted support and this is from the chat:


Basically, in the chat, we tried messing with wireless connection, doing a BIOS reset, using recovery manager, and finally doing a BIOS update, which worked.

Complete chat below:

 Bluetooth has worked on my tablet before. Now I am unable to turn Bluetooth on/off from the PC Settings>Wireless menu. Could you assist me in diagnosing and fixing this issue?
: Ben, I see a query about bluetooth function failure.
 Do not worry, I will do my best to help you to turn on the bluetooth.

: Alright
 Please disable the wireless connection and check whether the bluetooth works.
 I did that and Bluetooth does not work.
 I appreciate your efforts.
 Please allow me for 3 minutes while i check the record for you to help you with the correct information.
 Thank you.
 Thank you for staying on hold. I appreciate your patience.
 May I know whether the option is grayed out it settings?
: yes. This option is grayed out.
: Thank you for being informative.
 Ben, let us perform BIOS reset.
: I will help you with the information.
: ok. I am ready.
: May I know whether you are chatting from the same computer?
: i am chatting on a different computer than the one with problems.
: Alright.
: Please follow the below steps to perform BIOS reset.
: 1.Completely shut down your computer.
 2.Power on the system. As soon as the first logo screen appears, immediately keep tapping F2
: 3.Press F9 and then Enter to load the default configuration.
 4.Press F10 and then Enter to save and exit.
 hold on a second.
: Sure, please.
 i did that and the Bluetooth option is still greyed.
 I appreciate your patience in trying with the above steps.
: May I know since when are you facing this issue?
 I have owned the computer for about a year, and i have had this issue for a few weeks.
 Thank you.
 Ben, it this case, Let us reinstall the launch manager.
: Ben, please install the launch manager from the recovery manager.

Link needed: /en/home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Facer.custhelp.com%2Fapp%2Fanswers%2Fdetail%2Fa_id%2F26947" class="Popup
 Is that the CD that came with the device?
 Alright. Hold on a moment.
: Sure, I will.
 My w700 tablet does not have a disc drive, so how can i install the recovery manager? Can i download it off of the internet?
 I will help you with the information.
: OK.
 May I confirm the operating system as Windows 8?
: yes.
 Thank you for the confirmation.

                       Your email address is *********, is that correct?
 that is correct.
: I send a link to your email address.
 The link will help you with steps to install the launch manager.
: Please hold.
 Sure, please go ahead.
I performed the "recovery" search and Acer Recovery Management did not show up.
: Alright.
: Ben, let us perform BIOS update.
: Please do it carefully, step by step.
:  /en/home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fglobal-download.acer.com%2FGDFiles%2FBIOS%2FBIOS%2FBIOS_Acer_2.13_A_A.zip%3Facerid%3D635060260577024961%26amp%3BStep1%3DTABLET%26amp%3BStep2%3DICONIAW%26amp%3BStep3%3DW700%26amp%3BOS%3DALL%26amp%3BLC%3Den%26amp%3BBC%3DACER%26amp%3BSC%3DPA_6" class="Popup
: This link will help you to perform BIOS update.
Should i open the link on the computer with issues?
: Yes.
: Please let me know once it is done.
: I request you to respond within 120 seconds, as the delay in response will lead to the disconnection of the chat automatically sometimes.
: Thank you for responding.
I extracted the files and now insyde is open.
: Okay.
It is updating. Please hold.
: Sure, Please.
The update is complete.
The Bluetooth option seems to be fixed. let me test it.
: Sure, it is nice to hear from you.
Please hold.
: My pleasure.
: May I know the status?

Thanks for your help, the BIOS update was very helpful.
: Wow, it is amazing.
You have disconnected.


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