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c7 chromebook won't turn on

c7 chromebook won't turn on

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c7 chromebook won't turn on

Just got my new Chromebook, it worked right out of the box, got it set up, installed a few apps. It was great. I set it down for about 5 minutes, charging with the screen closed, and when I opened it back up the front lit up blue and orange once then turned off and the screen won't come on. Whenever I push the power button, no matter if the battery in with no charger, charger in with no battery, or both, the screen won't come on and the power button will only flash once then die.


I'm sad to think my computer's busted straight out of the box, especially because no matter where I search I can't find any answers on how to fix this bug. Help?


(Also, I bought it from Acer's ebay page so I don't have a warranty.)



ACE Pioneer

Re: c7 chromebook won't turn on




If the computer is not able to power on you may find it helpful to perform a power reset. This discharges any electrical build up which may prevent your notebook from powering on correctly.

  • Unplug the AC adapter from your notebook.
  • Turn the notebook over to remove the battery.
  • Turn the notebook back over and open it.
  • Hold down the power button for 30 seconds, then release the power button.
  • Turn the notebook back over and slide the battery back into place.
  • Slide the lock tab back into the lock position.
  • Turn over the notebook one last time and plug in your AC adapter.
  • Turn on your notebook


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Re: c7 chromebook won't turn on

I have the same problem and tried your suggested fix. It didn't work. What next? Thanks!
New User

Re: c7 chromebook won't turn on

Acer 710 will turn on but just the chrome symbol is on.  Won't go past to symbol.  Was woring properly for one monthe then this happened.  Gets stuch on the first page.  Please help.

New User

Re: c7 chromebook frozen

Acer Chromebook will turn on, but nothing happens - stays frozen on Chromebook page.  I have removed the battery, turned off computer, done ctl+alt+del - nothing happens to fix the problelm.  Any suggestions?

New User

Re: c7 chromebook won't turn on

I'm having the same problem with my new Chromebook. I bought it today (01/24/14). When I turned it on, it worked great. I browsed a few apps and got familiar with the system, then noticed an update was available. I followed the instructions for installing updates, but now the Chromebook won't load past the white chrome screen that comes on when you first power on. It flashes, goes black, goes back to the white screen...but never loads.

I tried the power off/remove battery/power on.... Cycle that is listed above but it didn't work.

I'm completely new to Chrome and Chromebook so any advice would be great!

Re: c7 chromebook won't turn on

It appears that there are a LOT of folks having issues with the C7....what do we do?  How can we get a LIVE person or

this company to BACK their product and provide support?  If I don't find a solution SOON...this issue might very well

be the next topic on THE TODAY SHOW!  I have friends in the position that can make this happen!!!  Please share your

experience and issue with your Acer Chromebook laptop C710 or similar models so I can track this.  I am totally disappointed at this point and will not let it go until I get the answers I need.  I have a little 8 year old granddaughter totally devasted because the computer SANTA brought her is not inoperable and she has used it 3 weeks.  FYI...her mother has major knowledge of computers and cannot figure out what to do!!  Please share your stories and any advice you might bring to the table.  Sometimes it takes LOUD voices to get them to hear US!  Thank you!!

New User

Re: c7 chromebook won't turn on

Chromebook c7, about 3 days old.
Worked great for the first couple of days, closed the lid and let sit over night. Opened it up the following morning and now it's stuck on the white chrome opening page, flashes to black for a second then right back to the white chrome page. Bringing it back to the store tomorrow, so glad i picked up the warranty!
New User

Re: c7 chromebook won't turn on

UPDATE: I've spent several hours now trying different suggestions. Finally I am having a tiny bit of luck. I followed the instructions on this page:


Now before anyone tries this, let me warn you....I had to do this process at least 8 times before I got any results. The desktop FINALLY appeared but it was badly pixilated and flickered a lot. Some parts were unreadable. I finally got the "settings" page to load, then clicked on "help" on the left hand side. If you leave that page open for about a minute, a circle will appear just above the "more info..." link. The Chromebook will then begin to update. A percentage will show up just below the circle showing your progress. This update took a little over an hour but the flickering and pixilation greatly improved as the update progressed. It did not go away completely however.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge of Chrome OS can research this a little more and let the rest of us know what we could try next...

Re: c7 chromebook won't turn on

I called Customer Service about this issue this morning.  Here is the number I called.


1-866-695-2237 (US number)


I only waiting on hold for about 5 minutes and the customer service tech sent me this link to address the flashing Chrome issue.




Here is the link to create the USB recovery drive:




Please note, you will have to have your Acer model number to create the USB recovery drive.


The instructions and recovery USB drive worked for me.  Will give more details when set up is complete.


Sorry for the multiple posting to different threads.  I saw this being listed a number of times and thought I would share the information I was given.



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