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W700 issues after upgrading to windows 8.1


W700 issues after upgrading to windows 8.1



I have a W700 that came preinstalled with Windows 8.  I recently upgraded to 8.1 and since then have had problems with mouse acting erratically.  It works ok when I'm just moving around in windows, but when I get on the internet it starts lagging and hoping all over the place.  So, I went on a driver hunt and couldn't find any updated mouse drivers.  (USB mouse)


After spending time trying to fix the mouse issue, I decided I would do a refresh since there is a lot of work related stuff on there that I'm not using anymore (gigabites of stuff).  When I go to update and recovery and click on recover and then "remove everything and reinstall windows", I get a message stating:  "some files are missing.  Your Windows installation or recovery media will provide these files".  Since I upgraded through windows store, I don't have any installation files.  


If I could resolve the mouse issue, then I can manually unistall the work stuff on the tablet, so I guess that would be the best option.  If I'm stuck with the mouse issue, then how do I go about either refreshing the 8.1 install or rolling it back to 8.0?  


I've spoken with Microsoft and they referred me to Acer with the thought process that the W700 might not be compatible with 8.1, which makes no sense to me.  


Any ideas, help, direction would be greatly appreciated.  Just so you know, I've tried the following:


1.  Unistalled the mouse driver, rebooted, same problem.

2.  Downloaded and installed some drivers from the mouse manufactorer, but that didn't work.

3.  Uninstalled and reinstalled the usb drivers





Skilled Fixer

Re: W700 issues after upgrading to windows 8.1

hi fella

u have to go bit searching here and u might find answers ...

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Re: W700 issues after upgrading to windows 8.1

Would guess you've tried this but I'd try the mouse on another computer to be sure it didn't go buggy.


I'd also unplug the mouse and be sure the touch panel is working okay.


Can't imagine a usb mouse not being compatible but you might try another mouse.


As to the restore/refresh, I've read that once you go to 8.1 the restore features may not work.  You should be able to go back to 8 if there are two directories on the drive $Windows.~BT and windows.old but I do not know the procedure. has a lot of knowledge floating around and there are tutorials that might help on the going back to 8 if you desire.

ACE Pathfinder

Re: W700 issues after upgrading to windows 8.1

You might also try the mouse connected to a powered USB hub. A lot of the issues people are having could be partially explained by lack of power supplied to USB.

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Re: W700 issues after upgrading to windows 8.1

Ethos, thanks, I looked at that but it was dealing with bluetooth and not USB


Excentric - plugged my laptop mouse into it and tried that but same issue.  


Billsey - will try that.  It came with a dock that I think has a powered usb.  Even if that works, it won't be a solution.  This is a computer that I bought for my wife so she could sit on the couch and use it while watching tv, but all she does is bitch about how the touchscreen is too sensitive, etc, hence my attempt to use the mouse and get her off my ass Smiley Happy


One thing I don't think I mentioned in original post was that it seems to work ok most of the time, but as soon as she launches Chrome or IE, that's when it becomes unusable.  


Thanks for the suggestions!   


Re: W700 issues after upgrading to windows 8.1

just tried bluetooth mouse...same thing Smiley Sad

New User

Re: W700 issues after upgrading to windows 8.1

you need to got power plan. advanced settings.  intel power manegment and thermal something or another and change it to diabled.  All acer w700s must do this


Re: W700 issues after upgrading to windows 8.1

what does that do?

New User

Re: W700 issues after upgrading to windows 8.1

I have the exact same Issue and have updated to Windows 8.1 (Never tried a mouse when its was just Windows 8)


I have tried a Dell USB (Corded) Mouse and my Microsoft Mobile Wireless (USB Wi-Fi Dongle type) Mouse and both of these mice crap-out when using Internet Explorer browser and a few other apps. 


It freezes up real baddly and jerks all over the place when trying to move from one part of screen to another or click links - its unusable - but if I use touch screen with my finger it works perfectly fine.


The mouse is like putting so much strain on the CPU or something when the internet is in use.. wierd ay.


Please ACER I bought this W700 over the Microsoft Surface Pro II - please help, this is my 4th Acer laptop / tablet product in 10 years - I dont need regrets about my purchaing choices right now.. argghh.


mines only 1 week old and I need to do my product review still.

New User

Re: W700 issues after upgrading to windows 8.1 mouse problem

my mouse works well when tablet plugged in but unpredictable when on battery. I have made all the power changes I know to make. I travel a lot and got this to have it unplugged. I tried ACER support and it was on no help.