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Acer Recovery USB Not Working

Acer M5-582PT
Hard drive crashed, purchased recovery flash drive from Acer.
Flash drive boots into Acer stuff fine.
After I tell it how to partition my drive (% system, recovery partition on/off), it partitions the drive then runs some quick commands.
About 5 seconds after the partitioning has finished some command throws an error, "M:\NAPP.dat is miss."
Only an OK box which brings me back to partitioning options.

What gives? This is official media purchased from Acer and I am able to install Win7 fine so the drive and comp are fine.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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Re: Acer Recovery USB Not Working

I took a high speed video with my digital camera and played it by frame to see the commands.
Hard to make out but I see a lot of "cannot find the drive / path specified", esp with the M drive.
Are things being mounted wrong?
Gonna try deleting drive partitions manually before recovery as I've seen suggested in other topics.
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Re: Acer Recovery USB Not Working

Nope, used GParted Live USB to partition drive as GPT unallocated space and the exact same outcome.

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Re: Acer Recovery USB Not Working

I found this online: (post 9 specifically)

I used PartedMagic live USB to remove the GPT & MBR records.
Then the Acer Recovery USB had to be used with default options (create recovery partition, split drive into system & data partitions).
It seems the Acer Recovery software was hard-coded to mount a certain drive letter maybe?

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