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Liquid E2 - screen doesn't switch on for all calls so can't answer

I recently purchased an Acer Liquid E2 Duo smartphone running Android 4.2.2.


The issue I have is that when the phone is in 'sleep' mode i.e. the screen has switched off, sometimes the screen doesn't switch on when the phone rings. This means that I can't answer the call especially as all of the hard keys actually end the call. I haven't found a way to re-produce this issue at will.


I did an eChat with Acer earlier and they straight away booked the phone in for repair - they didn't appear to consider that this could be a software issue.


My concerns are that if I return the phone for repair, I'll be without it for nearly 2 weeks and also there's a risk that service centre could potentially find no hardware fault (particularly as I can't re-produce it at will) and/or blame the issue on software which all mean that I could be charged around £70 and still have the problem.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?

What are people's thoughts on the issue being caused by software or hardware?

Is there anything I can try before sending the phone to the Acer repair centre?



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Re: Liquid E2 - screen doesn't switch on for all calls so can't answer

The SIM I was having this issue with was originally in the SIM2 slot. I have now swapped the SIM around so that it's in the SIM1 slot and have not experienced this issue any more with this SIM card. The means that the issue would appear to be tied to the SIM2 slot.


Does this make this sound like a software issue that needs to be fixed by Acer and/or Google?

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