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Gateway NV52L06u Laptop power button doesn't work

When I bought this used the plastic power button was missing. I looked down in the hole and noticed the actual power switch was about one eighth of an inch away from the hole where it was hard to even see it. Well I actually had to buy the entire top cover (keyboard bezel/palmrest) of the laptop because the plastic power button is "plastic welded" to the cover. I replaced the cover with the new cover and attached the power switch board, held in place by a plastic stud and a screw, and reassembled everything. The problem is, the power switch is too far away to be clocked by the plastic power button. There is no way to adjust anything, and I DEFINITELY have the correct new top cover (keyboard bezel/palmrest). Am I missing a part somewhere? Thanks for any help

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Re: Gateway NV52L06u Laptop power button doesn't work

I have the same problem.  I bought a like new entire top cover assembly and have same problem.  I ordered power switch using the part number off the old one and got an entirely different switch.  Right now, I bought a good used NV52L06u just so I can take apart one that works to see what makes it power up correctly.

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