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Bluetooth headset not connecting on Aspire V5-571G

Hi there,


My laptop has paired with the Bluetooth headset, but now is not connecting. I have been trying to install the device, but the system keeps failing to remove it, so I am stuck.


Also in the Control panel, beside the Bluetooth devices I now get a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark, but clicking on the troubleshoot the system cannot recognize the problem.


Please help!

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Re: Bluetooth headset not connecting on Aspire V5-571G

When in Device Manager, look at the Properties of the device with the Device Manager ! icon.


What is the Device status on the first page of the device?

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Re: Bluetooth headset not connecting on Aspire V5-571G

Maybe the blutooth is currpoted. You can try to install the driver again. It happened to me before

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Re: Bluetooth headset not connecting on Aspire V5-571G

From device manager uninstall all the bluetooth options and restart the computer and see if you can pair thr bluetooth device.

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Re: Bluetooth headset not connecting on Aspire V5-571G

I have the same problem, Acer's original bletooth driver hangs the system, removing it helps but still bluetooth headset dooesnt work, system forgets the pairing and when conecting again asks to pair agian.


any help....

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