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ACER ICONIA 484G64NS or 6120 Dual Screens - Ghost Touches



Can ACER please have any official words about this problem, starting firstofall to acknowledge the problem which clearly affect plenty of these ACER ICONIA 484G64NS or 6120 ?


Why is it so difficult for ACER to face responsabilities ? Trade issues ? contempt for the customer ?


Because Acer policy seems not to refund money, I hope that a SOLUTION coming from ACER will be sent to owners of this nice machine (by the way).


I think it is pathetic to waste time looking for forums to find any help, at the point that people ask you for money to get a fix


See http://www.notebookforums.com/t/240616/acer-iconia-6120-loss-of-touch-control/40


Sorry to be upset after ACER, but this behavious is unbearable





Supercomputer Wrangler
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Re: ACER ICONIA 484G64NS or 6120 Dual Screens - Ghost Touches

Good day


If I recall, I got rid of this problem by going to services and having the touch engine module on manual and anything that had the word touch, set it on manual. That solved my problem forever. I have sold the notebook so I cannot recall the exact settings that I had it on. Just change anything you see about touch to manual.




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Re: ACER ICONIA 484G64NS or 6120 Dual Screens - Ghost Touches



The fact is that I have installed Windows 8 Pro on the machine, but without installing anything coming with the DVDapp. So there are not any service related to ACER touch that is launched.


The solution is anywhere else ... probably a hardware problem that ACER do not want to face, don't you think ? (as is it encoutered both in W7 and W8 environments)





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Re: ACER ICONIA 484G64NS or 6120 Dual Screens - Ghost Touches

Find the modifications necessary to do the ghosting repairs here free of charge.


I have put the tape on my lower screen and it does work. I disabled touch on the upper screen as it is only used for viewing in my case.

It is a shame that Acer developed an outstanding product but failed massively on their customer support.

Cheers; Glenn

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Re: ACER ICONIA 484G64NS or 6120 Dual Screens - Ghost Touches

Dear glenn,


I noticed you film yesterday, but I see it is removed.

I have the same problem in my computer.




Paul depoorter


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Re: ACER ICONIA 484G64NS or 6120 Dual Screens - Ghost Touches

[ Edited ]

Attention, this GUY is a scammer! he do not know what causes the Problems!


look here:




and look here 



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Re: ACER ICONIA 484G64NS or 6120 Dual Screens - Ghost Touches

can anyone re-up the YouTube video?



It's the only one I briefly saw that actually stepped through the fix and not just the problem

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Re: ACER ICONIA 484G64NS or 6120 Dual Screens - Ghost Touches

[ Edited ]



he already postet a new video!


but attention this is not his idea and its not the solution of this problem

where I do know this? I am the developer of this Fix


Yes its only a Fix not a Solution!


I already have found the Issue and already have a real Solution and Fix

Its working since more then one Week!


Perfect, no Issues anymore and 100% CPU power!


I already have posted a Video of it!

It causes no damage to the Laptop and all Problems are gone


1. Screen goes blank if you close them (look Video)

2. Fan is working normal, no jumps up and down

3. no ghost touches (no jumps)

4. 100% CPU ( you won´t loose any CPU Power anymore)



My other Solution with Foam Tape did only solve Problem for some days or weeks! I do not recommend this anymore. It can cause burn or other damages! And until People are not posting my Ideas as their own in some Blogs, I do not tell anybody what causes Ghost Touch and what is the Real Fix!


Everybody can tear down his Laptop and then put Foam Tape between Touch Panel and LCD Screen


But Attention. This can damage your Laptop immortal. He never developed this Fix, so he do not know what Problems it can cause! So Attention! I do know it!


here the link of this scammer and fraudster



here the link for my first Fix with Foam Tape 



here the link for my second and end Resulting Solution of this Problem! ( Attention I did not post it actually because People steal my Ideas)


here the Video of it!




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Re: ACER ICONIA 484G64NS or 6120 Dual Screens - Ghost Touches

[ Edited ]

my method is faster... no need to open the whole macine, just screen part , but great work.

easy method http://senpa.us  and click ghost touch fix... foam tape may let thru electromagnetism.. i suggest you use electrician tape... plastic type used for serious stuff and not for freeze bags and paint mask.



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Re: ACER ICONIA 484G64NS or 6120 Dual Screens - Ghost Touches

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