How to cool my BRAND NEW Nitro AN517-41-R2KQ

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Acer Nitro AN517-41-R2KQ sits at 90c with CoD Launcher running. At Idle the CPU sits at 66c and barely cools down when I max out Acer Nitro Sense cooling settings.
I even dropped all graphics settings in CoD to medium, turned of RT and a bunch of other stuff to get both temps to come down some to no avail.

please help!


  • Acer-Erick_Retired
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    Hi @ brownskill
    Cool boost increases fan speed by about 300-400 rpm when needed you can turn it off if you don't want it. But if you are into heavy processing/gaming I would recommend putting fans on auto and leaving cool boost on
  • brownskill
    brownskill Member Posts: 2 New User
    I get the cooling features, what im looking to find out is why on earth my CPU is sitting at 90° with out actually playing a game. I opened CoD from without anything running in the background. Even with coolboost on and the fans on max, the cpu sits calmly at 90° and the GPU is at 77°. This laptop is fresh out of the box, with only windows updates, steam and installed.
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    Hi @brownskill,

    I would recommend Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste. The thermal paste is easy to apply and it will fix your overheating issue.