Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - Update 5

ManxieManxie Member Posts: 55 Enthusiast
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Hi Chaps, 

Just a quick heads up in case anybody is not aware.  A new update (5) for Microsoft Flight Simulator was released yesterday (in Great Britain at least - if not world wide).  It's 40.29GB and took 12 hours 50 minutes to download - but I'm on copper rather than fibre broadband and my speeds are not that great - between 5 - 17 Mbps depending upon the time of day (or night).  Just thought it might be helpful in case anyone wasn't aware.


  • EaswarEaswar Member Posts: 6,728 Guru
    Hi Manxie,

    May I know the full model name of your unit.

  • ManxieManxie Member Posts: 55 Enthusiast
    I have not had the opportunity of test driving it fully as yet, so existing Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) users may wish to research the views of other users who have before downloading.
  • ManxieManxie Member Posts: 55 Enthusiast
    edited July 2021

    Predator PO5-600s

  • KanagawaTomasuKanagawaTomasu Member Posts: 91 Fixer
    Say, was that Flight Simulator download on a "Dial-up" connection??? LOL Cheers
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