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Acer Aspire V5-431P - Windows 8 graphics problem

ejtnajejtnaj Posts: 4Member

Hi there


I have a problem with my Acer V5-431P. When I bought the laptop, I immediately formatted the harddrive and installed a clean version of Windows 8. Aside from an incompatibility between the Atheros Wifi and Windows 8, I finally managed to install it and it runs very well.


There is only one problem: the Intel VGA driver on the Acer website does not work. The screen is very distorted, and this is due to the driver because the screen works just fine pre-boot. I'm referring to this driver listed on the Acer-website:


VGAIntelVGA Driver9.17.10.2849152.7 MB2012/11/13


My problem is perfectly described by this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JOIdAK4kS4


I found new drivers for the Intel HD graphics on the Intel website (, yet these unfortunately do not solve this problem. I hope someone at Acer is working on this problem, because I have seen many other people having this exact problem. Please help! Smiley Happy


  • ejtnajejtnaj Posts: 4Member

    edit: So apparently the screen problem is due to the Secure Boot UEFI, for more details check out these links: 


    A thread discussing the same problem as mine:



    ..and the solution is here:



    I'll try this out tonight. 

  • ejtnajejtnaj Posts: 4Member

    Well I finally managed to get everything working. I am now working on a 120gb Samsung ssd, with a clean install of Windows 8 OEM with no Acer bloatware and secure boot working.


    Apparently, the screen drivers only work with secure boot on. This poses a problem, because secure boot UEFI will only boot from an original Windows 8 dvd, or at least an unaltered one. Yet without a modified iso, the installation will fail due to the incompatible Atheros wifi drivers. Therefore you need:

    • an official downloaded Windows 8 iso
    • a dvd
    • a usb stick
    • the incompatible Acer drivers

    The solution is to follow these instructions: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-system/windows-8-clean-install-error-0xc0000001-on-a-new/f1430e1d-9ef3-4b17-aadd-79bc65365b05

    The only exception is to

    1. create an unaltered Windows 8 install dvd
    2. boot from this dvd
    3. once you are in the setup, and before you click on 'install', simply remove the dvd and insert the (modified) usb stick
    4. the setup will continue from the usb and therefore installing the correct drivers during installation

    Note: To install Windows 8 retail or 8 Pro, you need to make an additional step as detailed in my previous post (the ei.cfg solution)

  • gabkrysgabkrys Posts: 7Member

    sir  I removed the wireless card and installed an untouched Windows 8 OS, everything worked fine even with the Graphics... before attaching the wireless card I tried installing a lot of Atheros Drivers, from Wireless LAN_Atheros_8.0.0.259_W7x64_A to Wireless LAN_Atheros_10.0.0.217.v3_W8x64_A but I'm still getting the same error with the card installed... please help me what correct driver for the wireless card I need and where I can download it... Thank you very much, I have been working on this for 2 days now...

  • ScottyCScottyC Posts: 433Member

    If you have your serial number you can acutally find all necessary drivers on the Acer website. Feel free to post it here and I'll point you in the right direction.


    Your serial number is under your device on a white sticker. It will start with either S/N: or SNID:

    Either one is fine.

  • gabkrysgabkrys Posts: 7Member

    @ScottyC... already tried the drivers from Acer website using my SNID. Installing while the Wireless LAN card is removed (it's the only way Windows 8 will boot), after installing drivers I shutdown my laptop, intall the Wireless LAN card, reboot, BANG!!! I get the same error all over again (that's how I know my Atheros Wireless LAN card is the culprit)... here's my SNID: ********  

    [edited for privacy - please do not personl information such as serial numbers]

  • gabkrysgabkrys Posts: 7Member

    @ejtnaj... how did you solve the incompatibility between Atheros and Windows 8 in you Aspire V4-431P... been at this for 3 days now... HELP!!!! Everything is working fine even with the graphics without the Atheros Wireless LAN card installed... can I just install the correct driver, shutdown laptop, install Atheros wireless LAN card, and then reboot?

  • Carlos_MontoyaCarlos_Montoya Posts: 1Member

    Hi, i got the same problem with these model but i have installed windows 7, do you know any solition please?

  • gabkrysgabkrys Posts: 7Member

    can anyone help me????


  • ScottyCScottyC Posts: 433Member

    Ok, lets get technical. Can you please go to your device manager, open display adapter drop down and right click on your adapter. Now go into properties. Click on the details tab and in the drop down select hardware ids. Select everything in this list and hit CTRL-C to copy it. Now please send that back to me. I will see if I can find you a compatible driver. If I have time I may be able to try and compile something for you, but I can't guarantee anything.


    Awaiting your replay.

  • gabkrysgabkrys Posts: 7Member

    I assume the Atheros Wireless LAN card should be installed when I do this... I can only boot to windows 8 in safemode... ok sir scottyC, I will try right away... thank you.

  • gabkrysgabkrys Posts: 7Member

    ok sir I got it running in normal mode (not safemode) after opening the Device Manager and doing what you instructed, heres what I got:



    thank you sir for your time and help...

  • gabkrysgabkrys Posts: 7Member

    YES!!! atlast got it working... thanks to all who helped... it was the workaround that did it... don't know why it would'nt work the first time... but it's working just fine now...

  • ScottyCScottyC Posts: 433Member

    That's great! I'm glad you were able to get it working. I'm sorry I wasn't able to reply sooner but apparenly I would have been wasting my time anyway haha. Take care!

  • Phil-3Phil-3 Posts: 1,182Member Practitioner
    Started new topic.
  • Al_SpreeAl_Spree Posts: 2Member

    Hello sir. So where is the solution? 

    Is it realy due to uncompatible drivers for Lan and VIdeo?


    Have the same problem as fow Win8 as for Win7. Acer v5-431p

  • Al_SpreeAl_Spree Posts: 2Member

    ....and device


  • pinkghostpinkghost Posts: 2Member

    bonjours je suis heureux de vous dire que j ai pu instaler windows 8 sur mon acer aspire v5 avec un ecrant parfait et le wifi reconnu par le syteme 

    attention ceci requir le demontage de l appareil (pas entierement)

    un dvd windows 8 non modifier   ( je l ai pour ce a qui sa interesse il me fo juste un dvd vierge)

    une clee usb bootable avec windows 8 dessu

    et les driver de la machine



    le proceder est tres simple

  • ElizabethSElizabethS Posts: 845Member

    Hello pinkghost

    We are happy you have joined the Acer Support Forums.
    The Acer Community is a global peer to peer support forum where users share their experiences and expertise with Acer products.

    Because of the multi-national nature of our community, we have asked that users post in English only, as that is the most common language to all users. By doing this, our members are more likely to get a response to their question, and those answers will be available to the entire community as a resource.

  • pinkghostpinkghost Posts: 2Member

    hello here is the solution to your problem
      1 turn on your computer and press F12 to restore the value and Defaud
          enable boot
          save it by pressing F10


    2 remove the network card that is under the claver (the total removal)
    and slightly up the computer


    3 insert the CD installation (no change) I c is the pro version and Crake

          redemarer the computer appuyan F12 and install the ancer
          after having chosen your choice of language insert the bootable usb with clee
          windows 8 above, click intallé and remove the dvd in the drive.
          Foit a totally complete the Installation
          install any driver
          turn off the computer replace the network card and c is good

         these windows still finding an error like the cetait caspour me depanner the program and disable the mandatory control of peripheral and c is ok for the rest


    I just do it and its very good fanctionne whatsoever at the ecrant and wifi













    bonjours voici la solution a votre probleme
    1 allumez votre ordinateur appuyer sur F12 et restaurer les valeur par defaud et
    activer le boot
    sauvegarder en appuyant sur F10


    2 enlever la carte reseau qui se trouve sous le claver ( l enlever totalement)
    et remonter legerement l ordi


    3 inserer le cd d installation (non modifier) moi c est la version pro et craké

    redemarer l ordinateur en appuyant sur la touche F12 et l ancer l installation
    apres avoir choisie le choix de votre langue inserer la clee usb bootable avec
    windows 8 dessus, cliqué sur intallé et enlever le cd dvd dans son lecteur.
    une foit l installation totalement terminer
    installer tout les driver
    eteindre l ordi remettre en place la carte reseau et c est bon

    ci windows persiste en trouvant une erreur comme cetait le caspour moi depanner le programme et desactiver le controle obligatoire des peripherique et c est ok pour la suite


    je viens juste de le faire et sa fanctionne tres bien que se soit au niveau de l ecrant et du wifi

  • dandicenedandicene Posts: 2Member

    tambem tenho o mesmo problema com  a placa grafica do acer aspire V5-431P, quiis instalar o win8 e deu esse problema ajundem me por favor..

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