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iconia A200 will not boot up

My New Iconia A200 wil not boot up - so I am unable to obtain the SNID to get support - help!


  • Joshua188Joshua188 Posts: 523Member

    Hello The SNID should be on the Tab that puls out of the unit. Also what all is going on where is the unit booting to?

  • achong71achong71 Posts: 3Member

    Wow - thank you!

     Found the tab and got my SNID now.


    It locks up after saying "Iconia Tab". Tried to reset it once and it worked for a little while, after shutting down it stopped working again! Very frustrating. 


    I threw away the packaging and now cannot return it to Walmart...


    This is our second Iconia Tab - the first one works like a charm and our family enjoys it!

  • Joshua188Joshua188 Posts: 523Member

    Well it sounds like the OS has become corrupted. You would need to reload the OS on the unit. IF the reset button has failed i would use the SNID and call into Acer. 1-800-816-2237 Smiley Happy Hope all goes well

  • Joshua188Joshua188 Posts: 523Member

    Hey there also though i would give you some steps to do a factory reload as a last attempt to fix the issue Smiley Happy


    1. Power off the tablet.
    2. Press and hold the Volume up button, which is located closest to the touch screen lock switch.
    3. With the Volume up button held, press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds then release it. Continue holding the Volume up button.
    4. Once the tablet vibrates, switch the touch screen lock switch on and off repeatedly while still holding the Volume up button.
    5. Release the Volume up button and stop switching the touch screen lock switch once the "Erasing Userdata..." message appears in the upper left corner of the screen.
    6. Once the factory reset has been completed your tablet will load to the Welcome screen.
    7. Your Factory Data Reset has completed now follow the onscreen steps to setup your tablet.
  • achong71achong71 Posts: 3Member

    This is helpful, however, I managed to do this once before and once the system was all setup, upon reboot the problem came back again - it locked up on a reboot! I think the internal "SD Card" storage is corrupted.


    Now when I try this procedure again, it always ends up with the Android robot falling to it's side with the exclaimation mark (!) - no joy!


    I launched a request for repair, managed to get a "fix" ID but have not heard back from Acer - what should I do?

  • Joshua188Joshua188 Posts: 523Member

    if you set up a repair online and got the PAC number then wait for about 1-2 workings days and you should hear back from them through email for repair. Smiley Happy also if you want to speed up things i would say call them and request to set up repair. 1-800-816-2237

  • rahmoon7rahmoon7 Posts: 2Member



    I had the same problem where my acer a200 freezes at 'ICOINA TAB' logo.


    I tried hard reset and it worked for me. I am happy that it was not a hardware problem.


    Since you say it happened again to your tablet, I am thinking of never turning my tablet off.



  • brightritchilbrightritchil Posts: 1Member

    I tried your step,

    but there is an error report :


    "Unrecoverable bootloader error (0x19000008)"

    Now what?? Please help me


  • SmilesSmiles Posts: 1Member

    I have an Iconia a200 which is giving me an unrecoverable bootlader error also.  I have read the posts and

    think I understand that the OS needs to be reinstalled???  (forgive me but I'm new to this)  


    Ok so I have a copy of an operating system on disc.  Question is how do I install it?  If I load it to a flash 

    drive will it read it upon start up and reload? 


    Advice guys....I need advice. As I said I'm learning as I go so any advice would be great.


    Thank you in advanceRobot wink

  • pooyan_86pooyan_86 Posts: 1Member


    Is your tablet ok now?

    i have your problem too, and when I went to guarantee service, they said me, " it is because of your programs update!!!"

    I dont know what is the relation between these two problem...

    Now I wanna ask u, if ur tablet is fixed? & how u did it if it is. ?

    thnks every one

  • helloderhelloder Posts: 2Member
    My acer won't work
    It brings up this eror thing
    Unrecoverable bootloader error (0x 19000008)
    2*!5do I do
    Help me please.
  • helloderhelloder Posts: 2Member
    I have the same problem
    My acer brings up
    Unrecoveable error (0x 19000008) its a new acer I just. Got it like 2-3 months ago .
    Please help me
  • oldladyoldlady Posts: 1Member

    I think Acer needs to address this issue! Send us a recovery disc.  My A200 was 7 days over the 1 year warranty and told me to send it back at the cost of $248.  No!  After spending $300 on the tablet, doesn't make sense to send it back for $248!!  I am not happy, as I did love this gadget, was user friendly, had just what I needed.  Too bad Acer won't be my next tablet.

  • zuluzulu Posts: 1Member

    There's no "recovery disk".  Some Iconia tablets get corrupted bottloader - those could be fixed by an experienced person by reloading software from the ground up, but it's starting to look like the entire Ax00 generation was built on bad hardware which gives out after ~15-18 months.

  • yeboah200yeboah200 Posts: 1Member



  • aymar12aymar12 Posts: 1Member

    acer iconia tab a200 wont reset and it dont turn on properly it freezes on iconia tab it wont turn on i called you guys you guys made it worse then the guy closed on me

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