RTX3070 fan noise, predator PO3-640 if possible better fans with less noise.

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One fan is making noise, i do not know who is the manufactor of the graphics card is, the only writing on card is Geforce.

I have changed all fans to noctua and added a couple of extra fans.

when gaming cpu is max 64 degrees and max on gpu is 74 degrees.

do anyone know which fans to ordre and if possible better fans with less noise.


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    well once you go with Noctua fans you will hear things you never heard before and i have the same 3070 mine is made by partner pc. you would think all their cards are made by them but to be sure you would have to get the program called CPU-Z and install it then it tells you the manufacturer of most of the parts in our predator desktops. and I'm sure you can swap out the fans but i don't think any will offer better performance or be any quieter since Noctua doesn't make those style fans. that's why when i added and swapped out my fans in my 5000 i made sure i got higher rpm ones ha-ha so i didn't hear other noises i didn't want to hear lol. and the GPU has the loudest fans in my pc.

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    Thanks Chugzilla.

    You are right it is from partner, I installed CPU-Z.

    then i have to replace the fan that is noisy, and to find the part nr.(if i can find the part nr.)


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    Look into deshrouding: removing the plastic fan shroud with original noisy fans and attaching better ones directly to the GPU heatsink with zipties etc. Of course you could also 3D-print your own custom made shroud. Usually ppl go for 92mm Noctuas on GPUs.

    Shroud is easy to remove. If I remember correctly all you need to do is remove four small screws.

    The original fans take power and signal from one connector. You have to use Y-split cable to use both from one connector. The connector on the GPU board might be a bit smaller one than what the aftermarket fans use, but with some cable cutting, splicing, soldering you can do miracles. Know any electricians? ^^

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    Thanks GotBanned.

    I can do the cutting,splicing have done that a lot in the old days(repairing copiers)

    I will take a look at the Noctua fans.


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    I'm not positive, but I believe Partner PC is a subsidiary of Acer…

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