Terrible Experience with a Monitor EI491CR Repair

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We purchased a LED 49 EI491CR SBMIIIPHX 4MS 3000:1 3840X2160@144HZ 400CDM HDMI*3 DP FREESYNC SPK BLK Monitor through Amazon in March 2023. We received the monitor and noticed that there was a dead pixel on the screen. We debated over having it repaired and decided that since we spent almost $800.00 on it, we should have it repaired. We contacted technical support on 7/13/23 and they gave us the information needed to send the monitor in for repair. We shipped the monitor and they got it on 8/15/23. CaseID:1087523US

They shipped the monitor back to us on 8/22/23 and when we connected it, it did not work. No OSD, no images. The blue light came on but that was it. We contacted support again and they had us ship the monitor back which we did.

This time when the monitor came back to us, it worked for a few weeks. Then we go to use it the other day, dead screen again!! no OSD, No image. we tried cables and reload nvidia and nothing worked. We called and escalated the issue with support and they connected me to Fletcher who understood how unhappy we were at this point and said that he was going to send us a replacement monitor. He contacted me back and said they were out of stock and that he put in a request to have one sent to us. It has been over a week and I called him to inquire if they had located another unit to be sent to us and he says "I sent the request, they have not responded to it. I will email you when they do." I asked how long this typically takes? He says "I don't know, I'll email when they reply." So, we haven't been able to use this $800.00 monitor since July. We have a dead monitor sitting in my warehouse taking up space and there is no ETA as to when this will be resolved. This in my opinion is terrible for anyone to have to deal with. I want to escalate this issue but I have no idea how to do so. please help.

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