Lubuntu installer doesn't detect hard drive only USB so can't install How to fix Acer aspire 3 N19C1

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I recently bought an Acer aspire 3 model N19C1 and I want to wipe windows from it and install lubuntu. I've been having trouble doing this because only the 16 gb usb I used to boot lubuntu is showing when I make my partitions instead of my hard drive. So far I have done the following to try to solve this: changed SATA to AHCL, disabled safe mode and fast boot mode in BIOS, and disabled hibernation mode in windows. Nothing has worked, only my usb is detected and not my hard drive. How can I fix this so that I can wipe windows from my computer and succesfully install lubuntu?
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    Forgot to add I'm trying to install Lubuntu 20.04.1
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    Have you found a solution for this yet by chance? Im having the exact same issue where installing linux works but my driver isnt detected and removing the usb uninstalls everything