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On a XC-780 adding an m2 SSD

ChrisToddChrisTodd Posts: 4Member New User
Hello everyone!

I am trying to upgrade my xc780's disk capacity. Currently, it has a 1TB hardrive. However, i would like to upgrade this to have both the 1TB drive as well as a SSD. from my understanding, i cannot fit two drive into the desktop, but the motherboard can take a m2 SSD card. Is this true? can anyone recommend a relatively cheap one, as well as pictures on where the input is on the motherboard?

Many, many thanks in advance

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  • laurent_14laurent_14 Posts: 7,085 Pathfinder
    edited December 2018 Accepted Answer
    1- Yes it's true:
    2- The SSD slot is located here:
  • billseybillsey Posts: 6,131 Pathfinder
    Accepted Answer
    Don't forget to do a recovery backup before starting the cloning process from the HDD to SSD. Also make sure your cloning software only resizes the C: drive, not the 100MB EFI or 500MB Recovery partitions.
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