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Backlit keyboard default setting

Is it possible to have the backlit keyboard turn on as the default?  (Acer Aspire M5)


  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member Seasoned Specialist

    The backlit keyboard is set to illuminate via the ambiant light sensor.


    I do not have a solution for those wishing to have the keyboard backlit at all times.

  • mostatermostater Posts: 6Member

    Thank you for the reply.  I did not realize it had an ambient light sensor.  If there is one, then it is either turned off or not working very well or at all.  Is there a way to verifiy or check settings?  As far as I know, I can only toggle on/off with the function F9 key.

  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member Seasoned Specialist
    Accepted Answer

    *bangs head on desk*

    So sorry, I misread the unit. 


    M5 does have Fn +F9 to turn on and off the backlight on the keyboard.


    Regarding having it default to ON: 

    I am not aware of a setting that will enable it by default, as it does add additional power draw, and will reduce battery life.

    Leaving it as a setting for the user via toggle (Fn +F9) allows everyone to use the setting when they need or want to do so.


    Again, sorry about the mix up.

  • SDXSDX Posts: 4Member

    This is exactly my dilemma, but I want to have the backlit keyboard turn OFF by itself when the screen saver comes on with a timeout setting...is this possible?


    Mine just stays ON all the time unless I turn it off with F9 manually. Smiley Happy


  • resres Posts: 1Member

    I have a similar issue, on my Aspire V5 the backlight turns on by default when booting the laptop. I can turn it off/on with F9, but is there any way to turn them off by default? Im sure there is a registry key for that

  • Alan-LondonAlan-London Posts: 793ACE Pioneer

    Are you sure the M5 has an ambient light sensor?

    My keys briefly light at boot if powered from battery and then remain off.

    From mains they light at boot and remain on.

    I can override with F9 of course but there certainly is no indication that a light sensor is managing the light level.

    If I were a betting man, I would bet there is no ambient light sensor in the M5!

    Could Acer please clarify?





  • NRPNRP Posts: 1Member

    Same Problem here.

    I checked the documentation and many sites but could not find any way to turn the keyboard lights off by default.


    Can someone from Acer confirm if there is a setting for making the keyboard lights On or Off by default.

  • simnixsimnix Posts: 3Member

    I have the acer aspire V5-571P laptop, and I have the same problem. I would prefer to have the default state to be off and turn it on when needed. Being able to have this option would be a great advantage. Come on acer it cannot be difficult to create a patch to have this option available.  Smiley Mad  This aside I am very please with my purchase  Smiley Very Happy

  • ravenecwravenecw Posts: 1Member

    I too would like to make it off by default. Can't figure out how to do it (or if it can be done).

  • jaythom1969jaythom1969 Posts: 1Member

    My keyboard backlight used to go off in 30 seconds or so, BEFORE I made the upgrade to windows 8.1, it was staying on constistantly after a few microsoft updates.. Is there is a sensor (ambiant sensor)on the Aspire V5-571-pg. I also have to use the F9 toggle to turn the light off and on.


    How can I set it to go off like it used to in 15 or 60 seconds?


    Antone know. I like the F9 option, but prefer to keep it as just that. An option? 



  • rsaravanan1985rsaravanan1985 Posts: 3Member

    Same problem. I want to make the keboard backlight turn OFF as default setting when boot up.

  • kltaylor41kltaylor41 Posts: 1Member

    I have the Aspire M5-583P.  My keyboard was staying lit at all times.  I noticed that it has started to only come on when I start to type and Now it goes off if I don't type anything after about 30 seconds. .  I did not change the default settings.  I'd prefer it be on at all times.  I'm sure it will draw more power that way.  But it's a preference.  I've only had the computer 16 days.  Can anyone tell me what happened.

  • 300ml300ml Posts: 2Member

    I have the V5 - 573g, the keyboard always stays 'on' during startup. I really hope there is a way to set the default as 'off' since I always work in a well lit room. Turning it off all the time with Fn + F9 is just annoying.


    seems that everyone has their own preferences, but keeping it 'off' by default sems to make more sense: my thinkpad R61 has a similar ThinkLight function that does not light up until I turn it on.


    Advice to Acer: add more functions to your BIOS, let users set the keyboard backlight, num lock and other function defaults, this will make everyone happy.

  • David64David64 Posts: 23Member

    signed. the available bios options are a real downer, especially that horrible secure boot that shows tons of new option one cannot change... whats up with that? well, secure boots the **bleep** anyway!


    P.S. on V5-573G

  • SomeoneSomeone Posts: 7Member

    David64, to change these options you need to set supervisor password first.

  • S4d4mXS4d4mX Posts: 1Member

    Hi, any solution how to keep backlit off as default on startup ? Thanks for answer 

  • bizkit45bizkit45 Posts: 15Member

    me too, would like to see the default option for keyboard backlight off..

  • GnydaGnyda Posts: 5Member



    I have another problem. I installed windows 8.1 Pro N on Acer VN7-571G it has backlit option, bus my key combination fn + f9 doesn't work, in other words all function keys work exept backlit on/off. Any ideas ??

  • Michel_PelMichel_Pel Posts: 1Member

    Same problem here.

    Acer VN7-791G-74CY, Fn+F9 for turning on backlight keybord does not work at all.


    Windows 8.1 on the machine running. Is that the problem???



    Somebody any Idea, Please Help Me.


    # Acer




  • AshesAshes Posts: 3Member

    Same here! Fn+f9 is not working. 


    It was working before, but not anymore since it went back from the tech support (for a fan issue).


    Acer support, please, a solution? 

  • bupbebexinhbupbebexinh Posts: 1Member

    So do I. I wana to make the keyboard off by default.

  • BLJBLJ Posts: 1Member

    I want the keyboard backlight off permanently. Can this be achieved? BLJ

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