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W510 usb booting



I use w510.

But, I don't boot usb drive.

How to boot usb drive?


  • TabbiekatzTabbiekatz Posts: 760Member

    When pressing the power button, hold the windows button on the front as well. Make sure the tablet is docked, and the USB drive is already attached. That should do it.

  • skywhaleskywhale Posts: 2Member

    I don't slove my problem. 

    I find boot menu. but i did not boot usb drive.

    I used usb cdrom, uefi-boot-usb-flash-drive, and etc.

    but i didn't boot anythings.

  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,265ACE Pathfinder

    On the w510 to get into the BIOS utility you press the power button while holding the down volume key. Now what is meant by "Boot Security" ? It is set to "standard".

  • ChrisChris Posts: 84Member

    Disable secure boot. To do you will need a supervisor password and you will then be allowed to disable.


    To be able to boot USB and CD they must me UEFI combatible.



  • jbeatsonjbeatson Posts: 4Member

    I have just received an Acer W510 to test as a potential W8 tablet to deploy to staff at our school.  I have set a supervisor password, disabled secure boot, set USB boot as first prioirty, but no matter what I do I can't get the device to read a usb stick with an image prepared with MDT 2012.


    The same usb sticks (notice i said sticks) boot just fine on other hardware.  Do I need to format the stick in FAT rather than NTFS to get it to work?  Maybe connect a seperate USB hub to the docking station? Or do I need to get a micro-USB to Standard USB adapter and connect the stick directly to the tablet rather than the docking station?


    If I can't get USB booting to work there is no way I can efficiently deploy images to these devices and we will move on to testing another device


    Any help would be appreciated..

  • samegatesamegate Posts: 2Member

    Not trying to hijack the posters thread but can anything be done without a keyboard dock? All(most) of the various repair solutions i have seen involve using the keyboard.

  • tobytoby Posts: 14Member

    From what I understand, UEFI will only boot FAT32.  Won't boot NTFS.

  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,265ACE Pathfinder

    Have to also turn on F12 boot selection and hit F12 after the cursor and during the "Acer". Also need to enable admin password and deselect "safe boot".


    If you update the BIOS with the new drivers, you must repeat. Only thing I say is that it enables a touchscream keyboard so you can enter the admin password without a dock.


    I can find a recovery flash drive but it still won't find the DVD recovery disk. Is something ODD about the recovery disk, the MS DVD to USB utility does not like an ISO from it.


    BTW any USB keyboard and mouse seems to work from the USB port, just need to play with it. If add a CD/DVD will need to add a 5v 2A or more power supply to the hub.


    ps with the original BIOS, can enter the admin password from any USB keyboard but have to turn the num lock off if compact. 


    pps looks like the program is getting very high level attention. It should, they only have until the Surface Pro comes out in January to make everything work.

  • jbeatsonjbeatson Posts: 4Member

    Well it looks like UEFI is only supported with x64 Windows, seeing as the W510 has an Atom processor and I need to deploy x86 Windows 8 to it I'm out of luck.  I assume this is why my USB stick containing an x86 Windows 8 deployment media from MDT 2012 isn't recognised by the W510 no matter what format it is in (i've tried FAT, FAT32, NTFS).


    Is there any legacy BIOS ability on the W510?  Looks like it's back to the drawing board to find a suitable bit of hardware that we can deploy to efficently

  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,265ACE Pathfinder

    There are Atom processors (One netbook has an N450) that support 64 bit, just not the N2760. Is there a reason you must have a 64 bit OS ? If so there is the Acer W700 which has an I5 for a few Benjamins more.


    My problem is not getting it to boot, does fine from a Flash Drive and boots into the recovery mode but refuses to reset the computer. I can read the DVDs from Windows but for all and the flash drive the reset mode comes up "invalid media. If fact I have put all of the CDs on a previously Recovery formatted 8 GB flash drive and while it boots from the drive, and attempt to reapair or reset (can get to those menus) the if I put a DVD in it spins up, goes through a period of "verifying", then "invalid media".


    Anyone know how to fix this ? It is refusing to properly load a Prolific driver and thing it may be confused.

  • jbeatsonjbeatson Posts: 4Member

    I want to deploy an x86 image to the W510 but it seems I can't get the USB stick to boot and it's somehow related to UEFI from what I can gather.   Still figuring things out as I go at the moment though it's quite frustrating as I have network and USB based delpoyments working successfully to lots of different hardware, it really shouldn't be this difficult.  (not to mention I also had to do Windows updates and driver updates straight out of the box to get the wifi adapter to connect)


    Anyway, sorry to fill up your thread with my side issue, I just figured it is somehow related to USB booting issues.  Hope someone can point you in the right direction soon

  • tobytoby Posts: 14Member

    I've installed Windows 8 Enterprise straight from a USB quite a few times.  You have to follow the instructions on the internet on how to create a UEFI bootable USB drive, which involves formatting it as FAT32.


    You don't need x64 for UEFI as I only loaded 32 bit Windows 8 Enterprise.

  • ChrisChris Posts: 84Member

    Hi toby,


    There are many tools available now if you have original media of windows it will create and copy files to usb drive to allow


    you to boot from machine. With windows 8 the usb needs to be fat32 for it to boot and needs to be UEFI compatible,


    otherwise you will need to disable secure boot in the bios.



  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,265ACE Pathfinder

    We are in agreement, original Windows media from Microsoft works. However the question is why arn't any of the Recovery Disks that come with the W510 usable (Can boot from Microsoft media but not the "Recovery" disks) ?


    I may be forced to install a different version of Windows 8 (have several) but these will not retore to "as it left the factory" and that is what I need to test.


    BTW the Microsoft ISO to USB tool refuses to work on an ISO of the Recovery disk.

  • wjameswjames Posts: 1Member

    I see that some posters are still struggling to boot off a USB flash drive.  I struggled as well.. After spending a couple hours with a 16GB flash drive, I came across a post suggesting that drives greater than 4GB fail.  I then switched to a 4GB flash - it booted on the first try.


    Here are the steps needed to create a bootable USB drive:

    1. Use a 4GB or smaller flash drive.  Smiley Happy

    2. Follow these steps for creating the bootable drive: http://www.servethehome.com/uefi-bootable-usb-drive-windows-8-windows-server-2012/

    3. While powering up, hold down the volume down button.  Once in the BIOS setp, assign an admin password under the security section, and then disable Secure Boot under the boot section. Save the settings and reboot.

    4. With the USB drive plugged in, the OS installation should now boot!


    Happy installing!

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