Connection issues

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Dear community,

I recently bought two XV271UM3 Gaming monitors.

I use them with my Gaming PC (connected to 2xDP connection) and for my work laptop.
The PC connection works just fine, but I‘m facing issues with the connection to the laptop. It is a Dell Latitude combined with a Dell Docking Station. On the docking station I have maintained the connection 2x DP out switching to 2x HDMI in on the monitors.

Now the issue:

One monitor works fine with the work laptop setup, the other has a flickering image. My first assumption was that the docking station is too weak. But I also tried only connecting that monitor with the issues as the only monitor. I tried it first with the DP to HDMI connection, no change. Then I tried with direct HDMI on both sides, the monitor reports no signal. I also tried both HDMI ports. Same appears if I maintain a direct DP connection.

Anyone else ever faced such issues?

My assumption now is that there might be issues with the monitors HDMI connections.