Complaint to Acer: No fully working Synaptics-Touchpad-Driver for Windows 8.1 and E5-771G available?

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Hi out there,


the functionality of the touchpad-driver is rather rudimetary. It operates only as "Microsoft Mouse" and doesn't provide setups of the properties of a modern touchpad. When a correct working driver will be provided?


Due to missing support of the touchpads hardware ID "ACPI\VEN_SYN&DEV_1B7C"
the drivers from Synaptics also doesn't work.


Does somebody know an alternative driver?


  • Chris_LSZO
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    Enter the BIOS and change the touchpad from advanced to normal, after that you have the full driver support.




  • Aspex
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    Hi Chris_LSZO,


    thank's for your reply. But whatever I set up in the BIOS the touchpad driver does detect a standard Microsoft mouse instead of a Synaptic touchpad.


    Other solution?


    Thank you in advance