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AO722 Camera Driver and Webcam shows upside down Issue

AO722 Camera Driver and Webcam shows upside down Issue

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AO722 Camera Driver and Webcam shows upside down Issue

I have AO722-C5Cbb, everything's fine until a few malfunction programs that forced me to reinstall OS and drivers by the help of the shop where I purchased this notebook. I knew nothing about technology at the time, but recently I figured out that my webcam shows upside down, no matter what program I used for webcam. Registry & startup cleanup is useless. They told me that it may something to do with camera driver. Figured that PC has camera driver, the vendor is LiteOn. But neither Acer Support nor other resources have the cam driver for my PC. What should i do?

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Re: AO722 Camera Driver and Webcam shows upside down Issue



Cleanup?  CCleaner from Piriform.


Camera upside down, rotate thru 180 degrees, unless it's a laptop camera.

Search - how-to-rotate-the-screen-in-windows



Adds some 1.3M camera modules support for INV test. 


Consider whether you hve the latest BIOS or not, and other driver software.


If you are able to ID the camera using msinfo32 or Device Manager then someone may be able to help.  Device USB\VID_05C8&PID_022A&MI_00\7&f5078b0&0&0000 requires further installation.

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