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Acer v3-571G. No ethernet no wifi.

Acer v3-571G. No ethernet no wifi.

New User

Acer v3-571G. No ethernet no wifi.

One day suddenly my acer laptop cant find any near wifi networks and if i plug my ethernet cable it allso dont connect me to internet, i have unistallled all drivers and reinstalled the latest ones from acer site, but its still the same. Im going crazy to fix that, will it be ethernet chip which is roasted ? Untitled.png

ACE Pioneer

Re: Acer v3-571G. No ethernet no wifi.

I know you have installed the drivers for your system... If you go to your Device manager does it give you any info with a ? Or a ! on your Network Cards?


Of you look at them and they say they are working. I would try and see if on the screen that you took the Screen shot from and see if you can Enable your Wireless Manually... If not Also make sure that if you have a FN key that turns it on and off that you have it turned on... 


You have 2 different types of Devices for your NEtwork. The Ethernet shouldn't take out both network devices only the Cable one. and then the ARSBW222 is your Wireless and shouldn't take out your Ehernet if it went bad...


Right now it says that your Etho has not cable connected does it reflect that it is plugged in when you have it plugged in.. Also if your cable is in and your wireless is running your Wired most times takes place of the Wired... So yes if your Plugged in and have a bad Etho Port it could make the Wireless not work. Most times mine will drop the Etho and try wireless if my Wired router goes down... It tries to run back up on my Bridge...



Before Any Repairs in any computer disconnect any power source. that could feed power to your computer.

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Re: Acer v3-571G. No ethernet no wifi.

If i plug my etho cable, it shows that its pluged but still not working and im 100%sure my router internet works. So is there more solutions to fix this ?
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Re: Acer v3-571G. No ethernet no wifi.

Hmm . it seems a soft problem, because if i connect my mobile with usb cable and use mobile as a modem i still dont have any internet. So how to fix that ?paspdaspdaspdsaa5.png

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Re: Acer v3-571G. No ethernet no wifi.

first of all, turn off the wifi.

then press windows logo key + x

select Command prompt (admin)


netsh winsock reset

press enter


when it tells you that winsock is resetted, reboot and then connect the ethernet cable

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