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P3-171 How to change from Windows 8.1 back to Windows 8?

I bought my P3-171. I downloaded all Windows updates, then I installed Windows 8.1. Then everything became extremly slow, so I decided to return to Windows 8. Before that I installed the latest BIOS to v2.07. I saw that Windows 8.1 created a new partition of 300 Mb.


Now my questions are:

1. How can I delete that partition?

2. How can I use the full factory reset from the recovery DVD (2nd option on the list)? When I try to use it, it says, that all the information must be deleted before continuing (but how?)

3. If somehow I could active the above mentioned 2nd point, will I loose the system partition originally created before purchasing P3? If yes, will my Windows 8 remain activated after reinstalling it? I don't know if there are any information on that system partition.


I did reinstall Windows 8, but that partition created by Win 8.1 still there. I know it's my fault, but I don't want to have that... That's why I decided to do a full factory reset (I don't know how is it in English exactly, but that is the 2nd option after starting the installation from the recovery DVD).


Sorry for my English, I hope, you can understand my problem, and I also hope, someone could give me some help as well. Thank you, guys!

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Re: P3-171 How to change from Windows 8.1 back to Windows 8?

Just use the recovery options for Windows 8 to return the system to Windows 8.

Don't worry about anything else created for Windows 8.1.


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