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Aspire R7-317T problems with active Stylus.

Aspire R7-317T problems with active Stylus.

New User

Aspire R7-317T problems with active Stylus.

I bought an Aspire R7-317T a few months ago, and it came with the acer acive stylus. I used it initially, and then didn't use it for about 2 months. When I have gone to use it now, the point of the pen registers on screen with both touching and hovering, but doesn't actually complete the action - so I can't write or use the mouse capabilities for it. How do I fix this?

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Re: Aspire R7-317T problems with active Stylus.

Have you tried changing the battery, and then run the calibration using the Tablet PC Setting tools in the Control panel

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Re: Aspire R7-317T problems with active Stylus.

I changed the battery, but its still not registering on the calibration test. basically the hover functionn works fully, but the touch function doesn't at all.

Skilled Fixer

Re: Aspire R7-317T problems with active Stylus.

The first thing would be to test the pen, to find out if the problem is there or on the screen.


To do that you can go to a computer store that has the Microsoft surface pro, and test your pen on a Surface pro 3 or surface pro 4. If your pen works there, then it is not the pen. Alternatively,if you have access to an Ntrig pen, you can test it on your laptop and see if it works on your screen.


If your pen is working on a surface pro, then the issue is on the screen / driver side. You could try going in the device manager, under human interface device, uninstall both HID compliant pen and HID compliant touch screen. Then reboot, let the system reinstall these, verify they are both there and active in the device manager, and see if that makes a difference.


You can also go to the Tablet PC settings and do a reset.


If it still does not work, you could try reinstalling the latest Ntrig driver that was posted on this forum in the thread on the subject below



The Ntrig Duo Sense driver is hosted by rufaz at



Re: Aspire R7-317T problems with active Stylus.

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Re: Aspire R7-317T problems with active Stylus.

I haven't been able to test the pen yet, but none of the other solutions worked. Uninstalling the components in the device manager didn't do anything, and I can't select the reset button in Tablet PC settings. I downloaded the driver that you suggested, but on trying to install it, it said that there was no N-trig hardware on my device....

Skilled Fixer

Re: Aspire R7-317T problems with active Stylus.

If you are 100% sure the pen worked at first, which means you did have an active digitizer, then it is strange.


The fact the drivers says you have no N-Trig hardware either mean that you have a new version that is now labeled Microsoft, and therefore the driver is no longer applicable, or your digitizer is dead.


But if in device manager > Human Interface Devices, you do have and HID pen Item that shows as installed and active, I would think you do have the digitizer.


Have you been on the Acer Support site and check all the drivers available for your device / OS to see if there is one for the digitizer?


At this point you need to test that pen or get hold of ne that is known to work to test.

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