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H5370BD projector HDMI inputs suddenly stopped working

H5370BD projector HDMI inputs suddenly stopped working

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H5370BD projector HDMI inputs suddenly stopped working

I was connecting via HDMI for a month or so, and it suddenly quit. I'm using an HDMI to thunderbolt cable and connecting to a mac. I connect via the same port at work all the time without trouble. When connecting the HDMI to thunderbolt cable from either HDMI port in the projector to a computer, it does not register as having a signal.


Have tried more than one computer. Just replaced the HDMI to thunderbolt cable. Still no signal.


Anything I can do on the projector side to make the HDMI work? (Looking for options other than switching to another port.)


Thanks, in advance, for your help!

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Re: H5370BD projector HDMI inputs suddenly stopped working

Any luck with this!?
I'm having the exact same issue with my Acer H5370BD.
So frustrating because the lamp and everything else is fine (plus I have an additional replacement lamp). Does the motherboard have to be replaced?
Like you, my HDMI registers as no signal and the ypbr components show a low quality picture.

Did you have any luck with your repair? Please, any info is appreciated! Thanks, Alex
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