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aspire hdd password reset

Does anyone know a back door or reset for an Aspire5720-4126 for the HDD password

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Re: aspire hdd password reset

are you meaning a BIOS password or Windows 7 password?

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Re: aspire hdd password reset

29tressler wrote:

Does anyone know a back door or reset for an Aspire5720-4126 for the HDD password


We won't normally step into conversations that the community can answer; but with this topic we feel it best to provide our answer.


There is not a back door or reset for HDD or BIOS passwords on Acer computers (Note that Windows passwords are handled separately). We suggest contacting your regional Acer service team who can provide you with the best options on HDD and BIOS password removal.

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Re: aspire hdd password reset

This is why I WILL NEVER buy another ACER PRODUCT. this is a built in problem to make money. If it can be fixed why should we have to pay you to do it. POOR product support.

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Re: aspire hdd password reset

This is not a built in problem. What value a password if it is easily circumvented?

I suspect you will find that all manufacturers are switching, or have switched, to a more secure form of password security.



Re: aspire hdd password reset

A customer purchased an Acer Aspire One at a yard sale and did not get the HDD password. I have removed the cmos battery with no effect. Is there any way to gain access without return to Acer for repair? I am sure the owner would not put much money in this machine seeing the small amount he spent to obtain it. Thank you.

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Re: aspire hdd password reset

Removal of the battery, as you have found, will not work as battery backed SRAM is no longer used for password storage in most if not all newer laptops. In the case of the HDD, the problem is even worse (or better depending on your point of view) as you will have at least two and possibly three password locations.


My understanding is that the HDD will still be protected if moved to another machine and a replacement HDD in a locked machine will not function without knowing the password either. I may be wrong here but I believe a laptop with HDD protection set has an embedded password which must match the HDD embedded password(s).


I would suggest your customer seeks the password from the original owner or, if that is not possible, contact Acer for a solution. (If the laptop was cheap then it may still be worth the cost.)


This also has the added bonus of affording an original owner some protection in those unfortunate cases where a laptop has been stolen and the serial number recorded with the manufacturer.


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