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CMOS battery for Aspire 4741?

CMOS battery for Aspire 4741?

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CMOS battery for Aspire 4741?

I have been using the Aspire 4741 till now and everything has been normal. However, since 2 days ago, my system time has been keep resetting every new day and I have to force update it with internet time or manually correct it.


I am suspecting that the CMOS battery is dead. Is there a specific model of the battery I need to buy?


Any help is great.


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Re: CMOS battery for Aspire 4741?

The bios batteryis a plug in type that is most likely just glued to the motherboard. I Googled and only found one in France. $7 dollars and about a week shipping. Other opttion is cut off the plastic and unsolder the wires, buy an identical battery, number will be on it, solder on wires and insulate. I think I would just buy the one from France.

This will most likely solve your problem.


s-l1600 (2).jpg

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Re: CMOS battery for Aspire 4741?

Odds are it is a 2032 under that covering but any CMOS battery should work.


BTW that is not for the BIOS, rather the real time clock (RTC) chip that used to hold the system information.


CMOS is Complementary Metal Oxide Semicinductor which is how the original Motorolla RTC chip was built for the IBM PC-XT (original PC did not have one).


Does this look like the correct connector ?

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