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I want to purchase acer laptop(exchange)



 Im from India, i would like to sell my acer laptop and would like to purchase new one from acer itself.


So, can you please let me know about any offers or any updates such exchanging process.


Thanks Byee


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Re: I want to purchase acer laptop(exchange)

I am not aware of any "exchange" program.


Please contact your local Acer headquarters to inquire about any regional plans or offers.

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Re: I want to purchase acer laptop(exchange)

I don't think there is an exchange program for used computer products unless you have a warranty and your computer needs repaired or replaced. You can purchase refurbished ones on ebay through the official Acer Store  or you can post your own ad on an auction or classifieds site such as craigslist and see if anyone is willing to trade with you. 

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