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aspire e15 start es1-512 wifi driver

aspire e15 start es1-512 wifi driver

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aspire e15 start es1-512 wifi driver

Hi all,

 I bought a laptop that did not boot up, as the laptop said (no bootable device) I checked it then replaced the hard drive and loaded windows 7 home premium that I had.

All loaded fine but when I tried to connect to the internet I needed to get a wireless driver, when I put the details into the ACER info page it says that it had windows 10 installed when new and the driver wont work for operating system I have installed.

Can anybody tell me please what driver I can use for windows 7 or send me a link as I can't connect to the internet to continue the rest of the installation.

I take it that I can copy the driver file to a memory stick and the load it onto the ACER and install.

thanks in advance, hopper350


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