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Acer E5-5x1 Reverting to Windows 8.1 fails after Windows 10 Upgrade

Acer E5-5x1 Reverting to Windows 8.1 fails after Windows 10 Upgrade

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Acer E5-5x1 Reverting to Windows 8.1 fails after Windows 10 Upgrade

We have the following Acer models that we have ordered recovery media for:

E5-551-T1MK Ref:**********


E5-521-625B Ref:*********



On all units, the recovery media works until the machine reboots into Windows from the internal hard disk.
The laptops show the Acer splash screen with the rotating circle at the bottom of the screen, then after a few seconds the screen goes blank with just the mouse pointer. The machine will not boot into Windows, no matter how long it is left.

We have run extensive diagnostics on the HDDs & RAM, which have shown no errors.

The media has been replaced, and the replacements still show the same result.

We have updated the BIOS for each unit to the latest version. We have "cleaned" the HDDs then re-installed the recovery media. We have tried creating recovery media from an identical model. None of this has made any difference.

If we recover the machines using Windows 8.1 media from a different model, it installs, boots, & activates correctly, but not all of the drivers are present, (due to the recovery not specifically for this machine) this would suggest that the units are not faulty.

These units have previously been installed with Windows 10 for display purposes, but we need to recover back to the original Windows 8.1 for sale.


Is it possible that Windows 10 has made a change to the BIOS or HDD?


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Re: Acer E5-5x1 Reverting to Windows 8.1 fails after Windows 10 Upgrade

have you tried to press




windows logo key + d


sometimes under the black screen there's an hidden prompt asking for an input.

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