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Shredder.msi Error 1706

I have started to get dialog messages indicating that the Shredder.msi file is missing.


I have a AX3960-U4102 running Windows 7 (all patches/security updates).


It seems this file is related to the MyWinLocker suite that Acer installs on the machine.


I have gone through the Acer eRecovery Mgmt program in an attempt to "repair" the MyWinLocker suite.


I have gone through a clean boot per the suggestion of Microsoft. 


I am still getting the errors after all of that.


I could use some suggestions on what others have done to solve this problem.





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Re: Shredder.msi Error 1706

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The Shredder that I got was a preloaded (2008) trial version allowing for a limited number of erasures.  I don't know what happens automatically when the trial runs out.

Are you dealing with the trial version or one that you pruchased?


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Re: Shredder.msi Error 1706



My copy of Shredder looks to be part of the WinLocker Suite that Acer pre-installed.  I kept it on there because I find YoSafe very handy to use.  I can't seem to uninstall just one component of the suite (so ditch Shredder but keep YoSafe).


I used Acer eRecovery (again) to "repair" far (for about 4 days now) I have not gotten the message.  I also turned off auto-update services that were running and tied to EgisTech (vendor for WinLocker Suite). 


So I might now have a stable system....but I still feel like there might be an underlying issue.





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