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I want to use the all-in-one as an external monitor for a laptop



I have an Acer Inspire 5600 U, and I'd like to use it as an external monitor when I'm working at home with my work laptop.  I have the laptop connected into the HDMI IN slot of the Acer machine.  My laptop seems to recognize the Acer as a secondary monitor, but I can't figure out how to get the image to show on the Acer.  When I go through the monitor menu (button on the right-hand side), I see an option for HDMI In but it's grayed out.


Do I need to load drivers onto the laptop?  What do I need to do on the Acer machine to get it to recognize the HDMI IN connection?


Thanks for any suggestions-


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Re: I want to use the all-in-one as an external monitor for a laptop

Solved my own problem, I had a series of HDMI cables that just didn't cut it.  Finally invested in a high quality one at Target and it works like a charm.

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